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Two Outhouse Doors
Two Outhouse Doors
Background information
Origin The mean streets of Donaghadee, Northern Ireland
Genre(s) Some hipster crap, indie disco, alternative rock
Years active Since they listened to a Phoenix song
Label(s) Label?

Alex Trimmedballs
Summer Holiday
Some semi-cool looking dude with a beard
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“Two Door Cinema Club? Who? Oh, that Northern Irish indie band? Ah, yes, Northern Ireland. Where's that?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Two Door Cinema Club

Two Outhouse Doors are a band from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. The band was formed in 2007 to give a big "Fuck You" to England and Ireland (its inarticulate members occasionally saying "Fuck you" at awkward times in interviews because they thought that was probably what The Gallaghers did). The band consists of Alice Trihard (vox, the guitar that no one cares about, beats, synths), Sag Hanukkah (lead guitar), Beard Guy (bass, beatboxing). Two Door Cinema Club released their debut album, Tourist Fistory: The Sex Tape in 2010 on a prominent radio station in Connecticut, USA. It was released a day later everywhere else, including North Korea. Tourist Fistory: The Sex Tape was released 10 years later in their home country of Northern Ireland to little reception because, fairly, no one even noticed that they had even started a band. Their second album, A Pretentious Way to Say Lighthouse was released in September 2012. It debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart because by then, the Irish people had figured that if they bought Two Outhouse Doors' album, they would stop releasing music and leave the Irish people to their quaint potato-farming lives.

edit History

edit Formation

Two Outhouse Doors has their origins in Bangor Grammar School where Axe Tabernacle first met Sack Haberdashery during their attendance. Haberdashery had been close friends with Beard Guy before he'd met Twinkle. He, then introduced Twinkle to Beard Guy, who proceeded to punch him in the gut several times. Beard Guy was looking to meet females and he couldn't do that if he was seen socializing with Truffle. Guitarist Stab Hackberry intervened and told Beard Guy and Trombone of an idea of how to meet 'chicks'. They formed an emocore band called Life Without Rory, in honor of their many past friends named Rory. The three members of Two Outhouse Doors, with their drummer, performed on the only television show in Northern Ireland, Oi! Wer be on the Tee-Vee! at the age of 16. They created two demos, "Do We Somewhat Sound Like Biffy Clyro Because Otherwise I Quit" and "Ode to Pete Wentz's Hair" before disbanding.

Triwire, Hillbilly, and Beard Guy continued their friendship after the end of their first musical project and soon, they began another musical venture, this time without a drummer. This band was named Two Outhouse Doors. The new band's name was taken from the location where Stack Halfpenny found the drummer of Life Without Rory dead. They started posting demos on MySpace and grew in popularity. The members of the band waived their places in university because they had only received an education in grammar and that probably wouldn't get them very far in life. Oh, and also because they started making sick beatz in da studio.

edit Four Turds to Wank Off

Two Outhouse released an EP entitled Four Turds To Wank Off in early 2009. It was positively received by critics. Unfortunately at the time, most music critics were 10 year old boys who found an astonishing amount of humor in potty jokes. One critic, coolmemeguy2008, raves, "lol. this album rox. i haven't listend to it yet but its called 4 turds to wank off so turds are another word for poop and wank off is funny it's touching urself lol."

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