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“Sand-people easily scare, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.”
~ Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tusken Raiders
“Emperor Palpatine doesn't care about Sand People.”
~ Kanye West on George Bush & Tusken Raiders
“I'll pit The Bears against them anyday and win.”
~ Mike Ditka on Tusken Raiders
“Don't go waving the white flag, they'll just strangle you with it!”
~ Three Dog on (Tusken) Raiders

An angry Tusken Raider


An Indifferent Tuscan Raider

Tusken Raiders are the scourge of the planet Tatooine. Easily swayed by their primitive emotions, they are violent predators living across much of the landscape of said planet. They were a nomadic people whose starship crashed on Tatooine many centuries ago. Since this time, they have become a nomadic, predatory people, preying on the simple settlers of Tatooine, stealing their food, technology, and worse yet, their mortal souls.

Hey, ho! Just kidding there! They don't actually steal anybody's food.

edit Where they live

In the vast deserts of Tatooine, but primarily in the Jundland Wastes. They do not seem to have any permanent living structures, just small huts to keep them safe from the insanely commonly tsunamis, for which Tatooine is known.

edit Why they're so angry

Just before they acclaimed success in the movie "Star Wars" they were featured in a high budget film called "Romancing the Tusken". The film, directed by Kermit the Frog, and released in 1932, had outstanding graphics for the time. No really, it was the first film to use a CGI effect...

Unfortunately a film called "My Failures" by John Keats came out and was heavily favoured by the critics for its true life experience of depression and its realistic depiction of death. Due to this, the main line film with its unrealistic "Happiness" never rose to filmographic success.


A happy Tusken Raider

edit Why they dress funny

Uhm, blistering hot, desert sun, hello?

edit Why they startle so easily

It's a widely accepted notion that the Tusken Raiders are easily startled ever since the Great Raid of the Gaffies. During this raid which lasted over 24 days every single Gaffy stick was removed from the Gaffy factories on Tatooine. Rendering the Tusken Raiders Gaffystickless for over 2 years. However warning must be heeded. While they do startle easily, they usually come back, and in greater numbers.


A sad Tusken Raider

edit History of the Tusken Raiders

edit Early years

  1. Spaceship go *boom*.
  2. Spaceship crash into planet.
  3. People die.
  4. Some people don't.
  5. People that die build cities.
  6. People that don't die get buried.

edit The Mid-Years


A Tusken child in football gear.

The Tusken Raiders started off as a Pee-Wee football team (American, not Terran), two-hundred-and-fifty years ago. Known for their brutality on the field, they were eventually forced to disband by local league officials, after a small Rodian child was decapitated AND eviscerated during a game. Their anger at the local league was the nail in the proverbial coffin: a coffin which contained a long list of complaints, including a much-debated and highly-controversial new law about picking-up-after-your-Bantha.

The Tusken Raiders immediately started packing up their lush belongings and left the cities. They quickly became nomadic outlaws, living on the outer edge of society, looking in. Hiding from the law wherever the law existed (which is, admittedly, very few places on Tatooine), and shunning the "squares" of Tatooine.

edit Latter years


A Tusken Raider on drugs.

They maraud through the country-side, killing, raping and pillaging. Settlers have little means in stopping them. Finally, one brave, intelligent, nice, young man named Anakin Skywalker comes to the aid of one family and politely asks the Tusken Raiders to leave them alone. Tusken Raider hostility suddenly stops for in the area for an entire generation.

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