Turn The Washing Machine On Again: The Tour

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Turn The Washing Machine On Again: The Tour is a 2007 concert tour by the reunited progressive rock band Genesis.

edit Histrionics

The progressive rock band Genesis recently reformed for the Turn The Washing Machine On Again: The Tour because Bob Eubanks, who never had a hit, needs to buy a new washing machine for his family.

Originally, Phil Collins, better known as Phil Bloody Collins, Eubanks, the American game show host, and Mike Rutherford wanted to reunite as a fivesome with Peter Gabriel and Steve "Buddy" Hackett, but this was considered much too bizarre even in today's culture so the threesome was more acceptable.

Did you know...
That a tour is divided into named body parts? We did not know that so we just made it up.

They will be joined on stage by longtime sidemen Larry, Darryl and Darryl from the group Newhart. A special guest for this tour is rapper Coolio.

Members of the band confirmed that they would embark on the first leg of the tour in Europe, followed by an arm of the tour in the UK, ending up with the arse of the tour in North America.

It has been confirmed that Genesis--for the first time since the Mama tour in 1983--will perform some of Genesis' more well-known songs with Peter Gabriel! (Including some from "Selling Increments by the Pound", and probably something from "The Lamb is $%&*ed on Broadway)

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed by Tony Banks that the medieval rock epic Supper's Ruined from the album "Fotztrot" will not be performed. O Crap...

Did you know...
That Tony Banks is the bestest keyboradist evar? We knew that and we didn't make it up, trust us.

edit Set list

As of the first leg (European) of the tour, the setlist performed was:

A Very Long Instrumental (featuring some unrecongisable songs from the "Fluke" Album)
Turn The Washing Machine On Again
No Song of Mine
Mental Confusion
A Big Long Medley
Paper Plate featuring Coolio
Did you know...
That rapper Coolio has joined Genesis for this tour? We did not know that so we just made it up.
A Short Sappy Love Song
In the Money Cage
Some Song with a Long Instrumental Ending
Intermission Bob Eubanks previews a new game show: "Domino"
An Older Short Sappy Love Song
Phil Growls
Phil Dribbles
Endless Drumming Followed by Another Very Long Instrumental
I Can't Sing

There has been some speculation that the set list will be "dumbed down" for the North American arse of the tour, because American audiences are not capable of hearing songs with more than a four-chord structure.

edit Product Releases

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edit Tour dates

edit North American Arse of the Tour Dates

While the band did play in many large arenas during the European arm and UK leg of the tour, the North American arse will mainly feautre much smaller venues.

Date City Country Venue
September 27Mike Rutherford, NJUSA Mike Rutherford's House
October 6Denver, COUSAPepsi Machine outside the Motel 6
October 9San Jose, CAUSAOnline show only on HP Computers
October 10Sacramento, CAUSAARCO Gas Station
October 13Los Angeles, CAUSAHollywood Bowling Alley
November 3Detroit, MIUSAThe Royal Palace of Jennifer Granholm and Her Secret Lover, Dick DeVos
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