Turkish-Greek conflict

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As shown in the Quran:
*Red - allies of Turkey.
*Green - allies of Greece.
*Purple - countries inhabited by morons.
*Blue - rest of the World.

Turkish-Greek conflict is an ongoing war between two idiot countries and their allies. Those two countries are: Greece (with Cyprus) and Turkey (with Cyprus) etc.

The conflict began right after Turks said that the fuckin' bread-like circle food that no body eats (except Macedonians) called Simit is their invention when everybody knows that ancient Greeks (who had no experience with food, by-the-way) invented it in 12.6677.7778767.7867564545345432.54365435 year B.C.

After the stupid Turks said that, the much more smarter Greeks got angry and closed the borders with Turkey not letting anything to get pass. After 2.300.300,098 Greeks died from hunger Greece officially let the trucks with food from Turkey to get inside the state. This action taken by Greece had no effect on Turks because non of them goes to Greece.

Greeks now very angry hired Scooby-Doo to go to Turkey and eat all of their grass, not knowing that dogs don't eat grass. Scooby-Doo spent all the money given to him by Greece to buy crack and weed.

Greece then made her smartest of minds (Antonis Stupidas and St. Nicholias) to think of the most smartest plan to get rid of Turkey. They spend their whole night watching Jim Carrey and later came up with an idea.

Greece later made a false statement that Turkey is hiding Nazi and Jewish gold and it's not sharing it with anyone. Soon after Jews all around the world started protesting so that they would have right to that money. Then the so called Turkish-Greek conflict officially had started which some say that might even erupt the Third World War.

edit Starting of armed conflict


Casualty of the armed conflict.

Some pissed off Turkish Muslims started killing all of the 34 Greeks living in mainland Turkey. Greece responded by making a paper airplane, filling it with two nuclear weapons and sending them to Turkey, but due to bad weather, the wind sent the paper airplane to Somalia where 2.3333.3333 people died. The Somalian Government made it's gratitude to Greece for killing 55% of the country's population and gave them their blessing in the war.

After Greece and Somalia grouped up, Turkey was left alone and angry. Stupid Turks then got on 1233 ships and went to the tiny island of Cyprus to make it into Turkish property. When half of the island was Turkish, Greece teamed up with the Martians and attacked Turkey from behind the back. Little that they know that Turkey had eyes on the back of it's head and stopped them just in time.

7000 Greeks took 5 AK-47's because they couldn't afford more, and made a shelter where they stayed the night and sang lame Greek party songs.

edit Battle of the Greek goat

Greeks had a goat named Paraskevios-mylosious-getrysymoui that was in the Greek Navy and went to Turkey to fight for her country. The stupid Turks kidnapped the goat and wanted 13.000.000 $ for her safe return.

The Greek being in an economical crisis started making plans for an invasion. After the Turks heart about their plans killed the goat and sent it's head to Greece. After this the Greek president said:

“This little fucks think they can do this and don't pay the price...well, they won't. The price is 3.400 €.”
~ The Greek President before being murdered by communists.

After Turkey didn't pay the price thousands of Turks around Turkey were killed (well ... they couldn't actually find Turks, so they killed Egyptians).

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