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This article violates Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code for insulting "Turkishness" and insulting The Republic of Turkey.
Al-republika al-Türkiyyah
United States of Türkiye
Motto: "Let's conquer something!"
Anthem: Gangnam Style
Capital Istanbul, but offically Ankara cuz it's cool
Largest city Stolen Constantinople Istanbul
Official language(s) Türkische, Greek, Albanian, Armenian,
Government Democratic dictatorship
National Hero(es) Atatürk, Polat Alemdar, Gheorge Hagi, Barack Obama
Currency Turkish delight, kebab, drugs
Religion Kemalism

Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Al-republika al-Türkiyyah), offically United States of Turkey, is America's youngest brother in Middle East and sibling of Israel. As a country made up by bunch of Anatolian sandniggers, Turkey is known by importing shitloads of fascist immigrants decent citizens selling kebab and shit who are willing to contribute to the society. Turkey also is the most secular country on earth, as first introduced by Young Turks against the Ottoman sultan. Turkey also is a troll country that stole everything from their neighbours, but stating such facts lies will get you jailed criticized in Turkey. Most of the Turks say they're proud of their Central Asian roots, but infact most of them are just a bunch of Greeks and Armenians in denial. In Turkey, the national hero is Atatürk, who is hated by radical Muslims and shit, he is the usually regarded as deity and worshipped as such in every national holiday.

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