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Tsukasa Balsamic Vinegar Hiiragi (March 16, 1985) is a Japanese-American actress and singer, best known for her roles in Lucky Star as Tsukasa and in To Heart 2 as Akari Kamigishi. She was born in San Fransisco, California, along with her older twin sister, Kagami Marie Hiiragi.

edit Career

Tsukasa started off with her acting career as Akari Kamigishi in the show To Heart 2. There she made millions for the one role. But her luck on the show sucked after the series finished and she was accused for being a "Kamigishi knockoff" on her role on Lucky Star, as Tsukasa. Her singing career started off with Tsukasa's character song from Lucky Star, "Ne Ni Ge De Reset!" ('A B C D RESET' in English) about her resetting her cup sizes ("From A Cup... to B Cup! And baaaack... to D Cup!")and later on, "Sister Wars", a true story about a tragic fight with her sister (see Sister Wars).

edit Personal Life

She is the daughter of the future US-president Haruhi Suzumiya and her husband/servant, Kyon Suzumiya. Her hit song of the Lucky Star series "Sister wars", is about a tragic physical fight between her and her sister (See Sister Wars). She later on followed her sister's steps and became a prostitute, and afterwards a stripper. But sadly she was fired for not wanting to get a boob job. Her job was then a waitress at the Bikini Cafe, along with her colleague from the Lucky Star show, Miyuki. Yes, she's a slut. But aren't all singers sluts? She got fired again, the same reason as the strip-job. So she then became a Tsukasa's Ribbon Tampons! saleswoman, selling her self-made tampons, in the shape as the ribbon she wears on her head.

edit Sister War

The Sister War is a fistfight between Tsukasa and her sister Kagami Marie Hiiragi. It took place in Japan, after the filming of the 25th episode of Lucky Star. It was because of the complaints of the roles they played. Both wanted to be Tsukasa, but smarter. The fight caused severe injuries and they used rough fight moves, such as the so-called "Hit-The-Groin-So-She's-Distracted-By-The-Pain-And-Then-Flick-Her-Forehead". They were forced to go to family therapy and stay in the tiny "Therapy Box" that was recommended by our web comedian, Carly from iCarly. "You stay in the box until you be nice to each other. Worked in the show!", Carly stated. But they stayed there for three months long.

edit The Pedobear Incident

The Pedobear Incident is where Pedobear kidnapped Tsukasa and raped her and she... well... attempted to shoot him but missed and shot her sister 6 times (See Kagami: Death). The police captured the wrong culprit (See Kagami: After Death), but nobody cares. Tsukasa's too hot to be in jail anyway. She recently announced she would write a song about her getting raped by Pedobear, and it's called "Pedophile Teddy Bear Strip Me Away"

edit Kagami Marie Hiiragi's Death

Her sister's death had made Tsukasa forget she was the one who shot the sister in the first place. So she drank until she forgot about her sister's death.

edit The Lucky Star Movie

"The best movie EVER!", stated Tsukasa as she saw her work as one of the main characters on the movie. She played the role of Tsukasa Hiiragi. The movie had a bit of twincest between her and her sister in it. Though slightly disturbing, Tsukasa had liked the twincest parts, yet was disappointed about having no porn in it. Beh, nobody liked that about it anyway.

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