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“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh. Otherwise, they will kill you”
~ Oscar Wilde on Truth

The truth doesn't live here any more. It breeds hatred, cannot be handled (especially by you), but will set you free. Anything told often enough becomes the truth. It is all that remains after you have eliminated the impossible. It is a good thing to share if you have a bad memory for lies. If you are under a sworn oath you may be obliged to tell it, all of it, and nothing but it. This can be inconvenient...and that's the truth.

Truth commonly refers to:

  • Objectivity, a more pompous word that means something is not just true, but true independent of your point of view or bias, universally true, that is, a lie
  • The internet, the source of most truth
  • Flat Earth Society, a combination of the above

Truth may also refer to:

edit Conspiracies

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