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Due to the on-going uncertanty of e-mail transactions or chatrooms people have developed this new kind of modalitie to ensure trust and confidence into each other when virtual transactions become a real live implication. This is also used to rule our 419 scammers from the Nigeria connection, who have since this day been a real problem to guilliable people. Now as this modality becomes widespread, Nigerians reluctant to show their face or even not having the resources to take a picture are left behind. The new trend has become so widespread that it is allmost a habit now among all webusers in western style civilizations.

edit Description

The method is simple and effective. You make a photo of yourself holding a sign. Either you put your mail address or TLD on the sign, so you can re-use it for many contacts or you use a password or passphrase previously agreed upon by mail. This seems an exhaustive inconvenience for so view to gain, but due to the overall fishification of the internet, it has become widespread and fully accepted.

edit History

KKK holocaust a zionist hoax

KKK with signs. No valid application due to wearing masks.

The Trust Mail Picture is such a new hype phenomenon that we cannot bother to give even a brief summary of it's history.

Some people believe that the method goes back to the famous Ku Klux Klan who was posing with signs. But as they where wearing a mask, this cannot be counted as a Trust Mail Picture in today's sense of the word.

Later some honest business proposals and a lot of scam from Westafrica has made a huge part of population to adopt this habbit. At first people found it strange to pose with a cardboard sign, but soon they go accustomed to it.

Now it is so widespread a hype even among citicens of Western Civilisations and eben used in b the people of the Axis of Evil.

“We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.”

edit Example 1

Me sign

girl using sign with her mail adress

A young London girl using a cardboard sign with her mail adress, she mostly engages in single dating sites and was sick of sweetheart scams.

Posing in fron of a car in a parking lot makes it even harder for the skilled photoshopper to alter the picture. So if you want to date that lady, better have a cardboard sign and a camera at hand.

edit Example 2

She sign

Lagosian Lady

A Lagosian Lady trading recycled plastic with U.S. companies. They used a predefined password. She is as honest as most people from Nigeria, but then she has to use this technique to gain trust of the overly suspicious Americans.

As everybody knows there a Millions of Petrodollars, Gold and Diamonds in Nigeria and many officials try to get money offshore. Unfortunately there are many jokers who try to beguile them of there efforts.

“Better a broadband connection than the Nigeria Connection.”
~ Charles Soludo

edit Example 3 (wrong application)

This is an example of how to do it wrong. The face of lady in the picture is not wisible and she added the text "I love" to the passcode. Though she really has pretty boobs, you should not let yourself be deluded by her. As you know breastfeeding is a sin, so why should looking at them tits not be a sin, too?

Nice but wrong

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”

edit Related Topics

There ara many topics related to this issue. First of all it's Crime that people are trying to stop (see HowTo:Stop). This is to make sure people can separate the honest mails from Nigeria from the daily Spam. And then it should be mentioned that in the recent days, it has become a costum to post a Trust Mail Picture along with a bixification (this is called BXFC/TMP).

“All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.”

edit Beware of Beguilement


Forgery done by Scam Artist

Unfortunately there are tools in the web, which can be used to beguile the Trust Mail Picture modality, but we do not want to mention them here for obvious reasons.

But for those curious among our readers we want to add this sample of obvious forgery.

Always be aware of such morons that are still looking for idiots to fall for such obvious forgery.

Surprisingly enough fuckit really is an e-mail-service, but that doesn't matter to the issue here.

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature... Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

edit Specials for disabled People

Look out for this icon on websites that support barrier free surfing with Trust Mail Picture modality for disabled people

Wheelchair logo

Icon: Barrier free Trust Mail Picture

edit Acronym

The Trust Mail Picture is often abbreviated like this: TMP

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