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Developed by Donald Trump, Trump's Law is famous for disproving the notion "time equals money".

edit The assertion

  • "For any object x, m > x, where m equals money."

For the flippin morons out there, this means that:


edit Uses in modern life

If an evil man asked you to sell your family members as slaves to him, would you? Probably not. However, you should consider Trump's Law. You forfeit your family members, but you receive money. Generally, one would consider one's family members to be more important to money. However, would Trump's Law agree?

By plugging in family members for x, here are the results of Trump's Law:

  • "money > family members"

This is in disagreement with what you previously thought. You were proven wrong; it is decidedly correct to sell one's family members.

edit Who really owns the law?

In 2005, Bill Gates offered to buy naming rights to the law for five million dollars. Trump agreed, citing the results of his own law as the reason for taking the offer. However, anti-trust regulations broke up the original law, which was longer than the current one. The half listed above went back to being part of Trump's Law. The other half, now known as Gates’s Law, simply states the following:

  • "For any object x, where x does not equal money, m > x, where m equals a corporate empire."
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