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The Trigger Image Captcha Test has detected unusually high levels of incorrect opinions coming from the reader. You are advised to remove yourself from this safespace immediately, since your very presence has been determined through heurestic testing to be a triggering insult to every decent and sane person on the internet. You should be ashamed. Users of this safespace site are advised to avoid this user at all costs, and harass them with progressive and inclusive insults on Twitter and maybe Instagram.
For shitlords who wish to educate themselves on why they failed the Trigger Image Captcha Test, a handy guide has been prepared below, so the repentant cisheteroman can salvage whatever remains of their shattered dignity.
Triggercaptcha-img1 Triggercaptcha-img2 Triggercaptcha-img3

OPTION 1: If you chose this picture, there is no helping you.

OPTION 2: There's no doubt that this picture of a chicken is deeply problematic and emblematic of the deep underlying issues of human privilege that's plagued our Earth for years, but compared to the other images, this picture contains less triggering content than the others. Perhaps the chicken might have escaped xirs' coop and lived free in the wild with xir chicken friends!

OPTION 3: The fetishization of cultures labelled as 'exotic' by western imperialists has always been confused by the uneducated as empathy towards the struggles of People of Color. Choosing this picture shows that you are a good-intentioned but misguided shitlord, who obviously unconsciously objectified these proud Men of Color to compensate for your own lack of culture. They don't need your pity!

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