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Fucking chauvinist prick, wearing a fucking sweater and he thinks he can control the temperature.

Congratulations potential feminist ally! You have answered the second question of the questionnaire portion of the Trigger Captcha Test correctly. You are another step closer to viewing this site's article on Trigger Warnings, but first, you must answer one (1) more question to fully prove that you are not a problematic individual and that you have the correct beliefs to view the non-offensive text ahead. TRIGGER WARNING: questions in the Questionnaire section of the Trigger Captcha Test might contain troubling and upsetting content. Those who do not wish to subject themselves to this content are more than welcome to politely leave. You are one of a kind. I love you.

Question 3. :You work at an office building with air-conditioning. Because you are aware of new advances in feminist critical theory, you know that the air-conditioning in office buildings discriminate against women, since the temperature calculated using Fanger’s thermal comfort equation doesn't use variables that fit the unique thermodynamic needs of a woman's bodies.[1] A fellow cis-hetero man and Level 3 feminist ally complains to Human Resources and says that innocent women office workers are being oppressed by the cold air. The thermostat is left unsecured and is directly across from your cubicle. Do you risk your job to free the women from the yoke of patriarchal temperatures, or do you sit idly by while your sisters in arms turn into human popsicles?

[A] I must do it, if I could ever claim to be a true ally of social justice.
[B] What? This is an issue now?
[C] I mean it's not exactly 'battery acid to the face' bad. Just wear more layers.
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