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If critical theory didn't decry dictionaries as tools of white male hegemony, I would put this man's picture next to the definition for 'Chauvinist pig'!

Congratulations potential feminist ally! You have answered the first question of the questionnaire portion of the Trigger Captcha Test correctly. You are another step closer to viewing this site's article on Trigger Warnings, but first, you must answer two (2) more questions to fully prove that you are not a problematic individual and that you have the correct beliefs to view the non-offensive text ahead. TRIGGER WARNING: questions in the Questionnaire section of the Trigger Captcha Test might contain troubling and upsetting content. Those who do not wish to subject themselves to this content are more than welcome to politely leave. You are one of a kind. I love you.

Question 2. You are riding the train home after a long day of capitalist patriarchal wage slavery. You use public transportation because you are environmentally conscious and have little to no money. The cars are crowded with people of all races, colors and creeds, each a unique individual having their own story, their own song of triumphs and struggles that you as a cis-hetero man are not privy to. Somehow you find an unoccupied seat and sit your tired rear down, spreading your legs to give your balls some breathing space. (In this hypothetical scenario, we assume that you are a cis-hetero man with testicles that have been historically gendered as 'male' and agree with this gendering of your gonads. Please understand that this is merely a hypothetical scenario to gauge your knowledge of social justice and not an accurate reflection of your own body identity. We apologize deeply for this discrepancy and kindly ask for your understanding, and if you are offended, please know that we will do anything to regain your trust). You fiddle with your phone a bit when you realize that, aghast, you have violated the bodily autonomy of a proud woman sitting next to you. In your arrogant display of chauvinistic gender binary enforcement, your knee has ended up touching the leg of a proud woman. Due to decades of patriarchal indoctrination, she doesn't respond, but you know she's crying on the inside. How do you remedy this sudden oppression?

[A] Mutter "sorry" and cross my feet together.
[B] Prostrate myself on the floor and beg forgiveness from the amazonian warrior-at-heart whose leg I've desecrated.
[C] Not do anything. Why should I care? It's already 6:53PM and the fucking slavedriver's gonna make me work on Saturday I'm sure of it.
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