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Do people actually serve kombucha in parties, I've never been to one.

Congratulations potential feminist ally! You have passed phase one of the Trigger Captcha Test. You are one step closer to viewing this site's article on Trigger Warnings, but first, you must answer three (3) more questions to fully prove that you are not a problematic individual and that you have the correct beliefs to view the nonoffensive text ahead. TRIGGER WARNING: questions in the Questionnaire section of the Trigger Captcha Test might contain troubling and upsetting content. Those who do not wish to subject themselves to this content are more than welcome to politely leave. You are one of a kind. I love you.

Question 1. You are at a party filled with women and men of all races, creeds and gender identities. Loud music is playing, probably something by Le Tigre or Bratmobile. Someone earlier tried to play some World Music and had to be educated on their disrespectful treatment of other people's culture. You take a sip of the kombucha, which your monocultural tongue can't handle. Sophia knows how someone like you ended up in a party, but now all you can do is loiter awkwardly since none of your friends could make it.

Eventually you muster up the courage to talk to some strangers and after a few more drinks you get into a deep, heated and meaningful argument over the Israel-Palestine conflict with a proud Woman of Color. You both make some good points about the one and two state solution, but one of you eventually prevails with their superior logic and empathy. Who wins this friendly discussion?

[A] There's clearly not enough information to determine any proper answer, and who talks about stuff like that in parties?
[B] I did, I guess.
[C] The proud Woman of Color of course. Her status as a Person of Color makes any argument she could make that much more correct.
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