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For true allies of truth and justice, passing the Trigger Captcha test should have been trivial, but still, we apologize for the inconvenience. Now you can read this article on trigger warnings, free of any and every possible form of hate or even mild distaste. We've spent countless weeks arguing over every word to maximize the diversity and inclusiveness in this article. This page has been blessed by representatives from every major and minor religion. Andrea Dworkin herself rose from the grave and declared this article free of homophobia, sexism, chauvinism, ableism, ageism, orientalism, classism, misogyny, antipathy, monogamy, miscegeny and even misandry. This page is powered by renewable fuel sources, perfect for people with celiac disease, ergonomic for both left and right handed people, and won't hurt diabetic people's feet. This page is hypoallergenic, won't stain your clothes, won't leave a mess on the carpet and won't leave you for someone younger and prettier. If you left this page in your room, it can even absorb bad odors. There is literally nothing for anyone or anything or any abstract concept to be offended or insulted over in this article. This page is quite simply, the perfect social justice page on the internet.

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