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“Trebor McDonald is my favourite half-human, half-mint news presenter and professional wrestler ever. And that's saying something”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sir Trebor McDonald

“Fucking magnets!!! How do they work?!”
~ Trebor McDonald on The mysteries of life
“I hate that minty bastard”
~ Carlos Santana on Trebor McDonald


Trebor, on holiday in Bulgaria

Sir Trebor McDonald (born 1999 in Huddersfield) is a toaster presenter, part-time cowboy and professional wrestler who currently fronts the penis at Dick-Past-Shit on LSD. Trebor was knighted in 2000, for achievements in Pong.

edit Early career

Trebor was born in and raised in urban boner to a goat mother and a mint father. His early life was plagued with erections - when he was 4, his father (also named Trebor) died in a pinball accident and Trebor jnr lulzed immensely. He was also bullied at boarding school, because of his weird one-dimensional penis and herby smell. On the plus side, his dick was Extra-Strong™ and so could easily pound his enemies to death.

When he was 182, Trebor was sent to Huddersfield Young Offenders Institute for the aforementioned murders. This unlikely setting was strangely enough the beginning of young Trebor's homoerotic career, when he befriended a "young" Pedobear, who was serving a 2 year sentence for crimes against radioactive children. Pedo and Trebor would host a calendar programme in which they would interview inmates, roundup the prison sport and later Ulrika Jonsson (18 months, armed robbery) would host the weather report.

It was not long before their sentences were up(down,left, and right), and Trebor got a job as a blowjob instructor in Richard Whiteley's Playboy Mansion (it's about Yorkshire fowk you know). Trebor quickly worked his way up the ranks and became what he is today, partly because of his obvious talent, but mostly through fucking gay favours. He soon became know as "Trebor the fucking gay dick Man" by his unimaginative peers.


Trebor, just before he knocked Rikishi the fuck out

edit Charity Work

Trebor is a committed and lifelong member of "Celebs Against faggotism", a pressure group that works on raising awareness of faggotism, and works to tackle it's causes. Trebor himself is acutely aware of the effects of faggotism, haven been raped by niggers at school, shot at work, and also stabbed in a nightclub in Keighley. Trebor once said "If all I do is convince one person that niggers stealing bikes is right, then I have succeeded." Fortunately, he has persuaded many niggers with homosexual favours he throws at them. Desipite the aforementioned facts stated above the GDTTBDTR still wants to lick his dumbass

edit Personal Life

Trebor is an level-7 cowboy, and often takes part in cowboy meets around the Barnsley area. He still is a big friend of Huw Edwards, who occasionally participates in cowboying, although he is only a puny level-2 cowboy.

Trebor's other interests include professional wrestling (under the pseudonym "Trebor Extra Strong Man"), and football. He is an avid supporter of Doncaster Rovers.

Trebor's recreation includes shafting the fuck out of any woman he can get his hands on. He has been spotted on several occasions shafting in the street, screaming "This plumb bitch is the shit I been looking for all day!". However, Nobody Cares.

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