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For the so-called experts, see Wikitravel

UnTravel is a travel guide for Uncyclopediacs who travel from potato to potato. Dorks who don't know the aspects of their desired destination will use Wikitravel because their life depends on it.

Travelers around all around Uncyclomedia Foundation are desperate to escape the nanobots that vandalize Aerotospenees' Great Library of Alexandria, Egypt. People who pee themselves in fear will take advantage of their own bladder problems in favor of charging their pee phones. People will however, use an Untato to power their cell phones as well.

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory may be found by crowds of people if UnTravel is used too much. People who complete their journey through the earth may discover planets like Planet Rumpaa and other obscure planets. Wario from Nintendoland has created a wormhole to allow travelers from our dimension to visit wonderful Nintendo characters.

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