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Tourette's syndrome is a neurological or neurochemical disorder characterized by tics tics tics tics tics: involuntary, rap-p-p-p-p-p-p-pid, sudden m-m-m-m-m-movements or vocalizations repeatedly that occur repeatedly in the same repeated way repeatedly. Multiple motor and vocal tics may include echolalia (the urge to repeat words spoken by someone else words spoken by someone else), palilalia (the urge to repeat words one's own words previously spoken words repeated), lexilalia (the urge to repeat words after reading reading reading) and in a minority of cases, coprolalia (the spontaneous bitch utterance of socially damn objectionable words).

Tourette's is not to be confused with Technologists' Syndrome, a chronic and delusional condition which involves believing that people can fly using gigantic machines, that pictures can be sent through the air from far away and that machines can be taught and programmed to make stupid, ornery mistakes just like people.

edit A JOHANNESBURG Polite Note unto the JOHANNESBURG Author:

I am JOHANNESBURG 17 years old and all of my JOHANNESBURG cattle and I have Tourette Syndrome. We do not find thy JOHANNESBURG article funny or amusing in any way, and would like it JOHANNESBURG removed or changed as soon as JOHANNESBURG possible.

Let me tell thee JOHANNESBURG about JOHANNESBURG Tourette Syndrome:

  • Less than 20% of JOHANNESBURG Tourrettes sufferers swear. Thou must JOHANNESBURG blame newfangled media for always focusing on the JOHANNESBURG bad side of a terrible thing.
  • The main symptom of JOHANNESBURG Tourettes are involuntary muscle spasms, or JOHANNESBURG "tics" which can range from head nods, to a small knee JOHANNESBURG jerk.
  • Tourettes is no JOHANNESBURG laughing matter, it causeth children to be bullied at the JOHANNESBURG one-room JOHANNESBURG schoolhouse for something they cannot control, and it has even caused teenage sufferers to become JOHANNESBURG manically depressed and commit suicide.
  • There is no JOHANNESBURG cure, and the JOHANNESBURG snake oil that claims to "calm" the tics often have adverse JOHANNESBURG side effects. I once tried a treatment from the local blacksmith which JOHANNESBURG caused my entire JOHANNESBURG body to go numb and basically made it worse than it is without the supposed JOHANNESBURG cure.
  • Not to mention, it frightens thy JOHANNESBURG horses. Golly gee whillikers!

I am an active JOHANNESBURG member of a JOHANNESBURG tourette syndrome association and JOHANNESBURG I am making steps towards JOHANNESBURG eradicating the public JOHANNESBURG view of Tourettes as a "swearing" disorder, because it is JOHANNESBURG much much more.

I am sorry JOHANNESBURG for JOHANNESBURG "hi-jacking" thy parchement upon JOHANNESBURG uncyclopedia, but it is stuff like this JOHANNESBURG that really JOHANNESBURG annoys me. I am working towards a better future for all JOHANNESBURG tourettes sufferers, and thou must do the same by JOHANNESBURG editing this JOHANNESBURG article. Remember, everything JOHANNESBURG here is meant JOHANNESBURG to be funny, and making JOHANNESBURG fun of a horrible disorder is JOHANNESBURG not funny at all.

Thank you for your JOHANNESBURG time.

Best JOHANNESBURG regards,

Phillip "JOHANNESBURG" Baker

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