ToddiPhone Viral Marketing Campaign

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Nothing Personal: It's Just Business to Us

Isn’t it lame when companies pretend to care about you? Aren’t you tired of being sucked up to with vapid, inane suggestions that you’re special and important?

We’ll never insult your intelligence that way.

The fact is, at ToddiPhone, we won’t pretend to like you. You’re not important to us — your income is. There. We said it. When it boils right down to it: we just want your money. That’s it. It’s not that your wellbeing is completely unimportant — obviously if you become ill and die you’ll be unable to settle your bill with us, and that would be a real tragedy.

So, eat well, take your vitamins, and get plenty of sleep. Also, make certain to look both ways before crossing the street.

But most importantly, please pay your bill.


World class communications – Bargain basement prices!™

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