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The Perfect Gift!

You know that person in your life that you kind of know, or know well but dislike, perhaps even hate? Of course you do.

Well, eventually they’ll get married or have a birthday or something and you’ll be obligated to give them a gift.

Make sure that gift gives the right message: “I had to get you something. Here it is. It isn’t so cheap that you can hold a grudge against me, but it isn’t so great that I had to splurge against my will either.”

ToddiPhone: The perfect gift for those unimportant occasions and not terribly special moments in life. Buy one today.

Better yet, buy a dozen and keep them tucked up in a hallway closet. That way, you’ve always got one on hand to give on short notice (or belatedly) to someone forgettable that you’re obligated to remember occasionally. (Complementary gift wrapping available with orders of 50 or more.)


World class communications – Bargain basement prices!™

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