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This page exists right now, but it won't soon. So, wait awhile and then it won't exist again.
Or you could wait even longer and maybe it will exist once more.

edit Why this page sometimes exists

Because of the title of this page, several Uncyclopedia authors feel inclined to create it once in awhile. However, admins usually delete this page when they notice it exists, mainly because of the title, and also because they can. So the page flits in and out of existence—because this page only sometimes exists, you see.

edit What should I do about it?

Nothing, really. If you were thinking of putting some kind of comedic masterpiece here, then you're wasting your time. The culture here at Uncyclopedia is such that even if what was put here was the most brilliant, hilarious thing ever envisioned by man, the admins would still delete it to preserve the original joke.

edit Does the title of this page mean I can put anything here?

No. Even if the admins appreciate the joke, they might still get angry at you for creating this article, since it's basically just a variation on This page does not exist and henceforth not very original. But hey, if you want to try.

edit Things this page invokes

  • Quantum physics extended to macroscopic phenomena: If you create this page, and no one looks at it (except admins, but they don't count) then after a while no one will know if the page was deleted or not. So therefore, the page is in a state of quasi-existence.
  • Nothing much else..

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