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This or That?

Definitely that. Get this out of here.

Oh yeah, that for sure.

This sucks balls. That, on the other hand, is freakin' sweet. Gotta love that.

This? This is crap. This has no meaningful use whatsoever.

This can suck my ass. Keep this away from me.

Seriously, dude, that rules.

edit That kicks ASS!

"That" can be summed up in 2 words: Kicks ASS! But I know you want to hear more, so here goes:

That has been around for years. Everybody has come to know and love That for what he is, unlike This, that spinster bitch-ass whore. This needs to get real, man. I mean, just about two weeks ago This barges in, "Hi, That! How you doin'? I'm gonna take all your loving fans and leave you with nothing! HA!" Well, guess what, This? NO FREAKIN' WAY!! The only thing you're taking from That is lessons! HA THAT, BITCH!

Also, That is a really good guy. This is a real douche. That works for lots of charities around America to give us a better life. But This is just a bitch. He suffers from bitch disease, or something.

Also, That is American. That means he has tons of money, unlike This, that piss-poor insult of a person. This is fucking British. British people are whores. I'm telling you now, this should have quit while he was behind!

edit Other ways that That kicks ASS!

There's really too many to name. He has a way with women, a huge cock, and can shoot lasers out his eyes. Also he has a big swimming pool full of money and attractive women. When This comes to his house and asks to swim in it, he says no and kicks his ass out. Take THAT!

Also, That has a huuuuuuuuuuuuge house. You should see This's house. It's a pitiful excuse for a house. Actually, it's a pitiful excuse for a wagon. I've been to his house, and there's barely even room for me. I wonder how he fits his fat ass in there.

That lives in a gated community, in a three-story house. So there, This.

That kicks ASS!

edit Ways that That doesn't rock


edit Ways that This rocks


edit Ways that This doesn't rock

This is a serious faggot. He sucks my cock 24/7/365. He has almost no money, and a crappy house in a shitty location.

This sucks serious ass.

He has no girlfriend, and if he did, she (it?) would probably look like Rosie O' Donnel. And she is a fat bitch.

Wow, there's really too many to name. I'd be here all day if I were to stay here and list them all, but I'll just leave it at that.

Also also, the fact that he sucks ass.

edit So you prefer This to That? You're GAY!


Fucking GAY, bitch!

You have to be a fucking idiot to sit on the couch eating potato chips and playing Mario and just talk to yourself about how This is better than That! Everybody knows that That is better than This and so do you! So get off your fucking ass and go do something, faggot! I wonder how small your penis is, asshole? Wait, sorry haha. YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! Thats how fucking GAY you are, bitch! G-A-Y! That's how you spell gay. Now you know. Faggot.

edit That did way better in school

That did waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better in school. His GPA was about 4.9. That's about an A++ average. This got straight F's. Actually he had an average of F minus.That's the worst. That's worse than the worst. Think about that for a sec, would ya?

This sucks ass.

edit Don't feel sorry for This

Whenever This can't pay his mortgage, or gets injured and can't pay his hospital bill, please don't feel sorry for him. He brought it upon himself. He is the ultimate douchebag. He sucks ass.

This sucks ass.

edit Do feel sorry for That

Whenever That's calls to play on-air on Game Show Network don't get answered, or if his Ralph Lauren suit comes home late from the cleaners, Feel sorry for him. It isn't his fault. He is a great guy.

That kicks ASS!

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