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“Oh yes, my lady, in contrast to popular belief it is this big.”
~ Oscar Wilde on This big
This big is a measure used mainly in science and fishing in the need of extreme accuracy of distances. Several standard human distances are available to accurately display the size of your scientific findings or caught fish. The most common standard is based on the exact distance between two hands. For smaller distances the distance between two fingers is often used. It needs to be noted that this second measure is seldom used in the field of fishing.

How it works Edit

The base system is as follows. The person that wants to recreate the sensation of size later will first use his or her hands to measure the size of the object in question. This information is directly stored in the human brain in standard IEEE 64 bit floating point format. At parties and other jolly occasions this person can now simply recall this information and display it in a humanly understandable and accurate fashion by putting his or her hands at the same distance that was used during measuring.

Standardization Edit

While some less intelligent species in the world have adopted less accurate measures like the meter, there is still a complete and accurate system of feet and thumb-sizes available to those seeking accuracy. A set of standard arms made out of platinum can be found in the institute of human distances in Paris.

This small? Edit

While it is suspected that the two finger "this big" measure is only used in science, it is rumored that females also use it to explain to their friends that while size doesn't matter it shouldn't be this small.

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