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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Things the government wants you to believe?
“Every year, 5500 people die from walking into lamposts while texting.”
~ The Metro
“Immigrration is so high that only 200 more immigrants are required to sink the entirety of Great Britain.”

The government is an organisation set up to be able to control what happens in the country and hide all those secrets that they know from you. When the Illuminati were first set up they controlled every single government in the World. They promised not to spread the secrets however over time the government began leaving memory sticks with official, classified information behind on public transport and Boris Johnson was elected became London Mayre. Via those two methods secrets have leaked out from the government.

Secrets shared by all Governments


Under certain conditions, huffing the orange kitten will give you random super powers.

In early 2004, George W. Bush accidently blurted out in a press conference that there is a list of things the government does not want you to know that actually exists. Since then conspiracy theorists everywhere have been getting hyped up about what these secrets could be. Then in 2005 an MOD memory stick was attacked which produced stunning results. Firstly the hackers learnt that a selection of real life cheat codes actually exists. Also that under a Monster Raving Loony government the crime rate is predicted to be zero. Finally they also learnt that Humans did not evolve from monkeys, but rather from SPAM (note:it is currently contoversial whether humans evolved from the weird thing in the fridge or the very entertaining mail).

Some writing found in the Magna Carta in which the King must confess the secrets of the state to the barons it tells that in the year 2014Ghengis Khan will rise from his grave control all of Asia and Eastern Europe in the form of Vladimir Putin's cousin. Brian Cox was pressed iinto admitting that the Earth does in fact orbit the Moon and that the dinosaurs aren't extinct, they're just hiding.

Canadian government


The Canadian flag never actually existed.

The Canadian government was pressed on this issue and finally declared that neither Canada nor Australia were ever granted their independence from the United Kingdom, people just got bored of singing "God Save The Queen" and that Canadians aren't really nicer than Americans, but they are better actors.

Official German records stolen from the Reichstag by a News of the World reporter confirm that Canada is planning a campaign of world domination along with Germany and that Canada still hasn't forgotten the Battle of Dieppe and plans to invade Britain first.

A leaked CIA report declares that Canada's free public health care system is as good as America's private one, but neither is allowed to admit it under a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Also in the report it declared that every other public health care system and education system in the World is better than America's public ones and that to do better the US may need to raise taxes.

United Kingdom government


Halliburton is actually owned by Great Britain in their plan to reestablish the British Empire.

  • Funded by taxing tax on the tax we tax from the taxed and then reclaimed through benefit cheques by those oppressed by the taxes, this economic model was inspired by the Folk myth of robin hood.
  • The United League of Horses has sued Tony Blair's face for patent infringement.
  • The government elaborately covered up the Chunnel Collapse of 1996.
  • A poll of United Nations members found that Mediocre Britain is the UK's most popular territory.
  • Due to budget setbacks, Buckingham Palace was replaced with a giant cardboard cutout.
  • A lift is really an elevator.
  • Sometimes, at night, Stonehenge and Big Ben get drunk and have barfights over who tells time more accurately.
  • John Prescott loves having dairy products hurled at him. Go on give it a try.
  • The Spice Girls were a successful attempt by the British Government to lower our standards to gutter levels.
  • Tea is from China, and not sticking your pinky up when you drink it won't kill you.
  • The British accent is actually a speech disorder.
  • The Doctor and Dalek is real. There are TARDIS in 76 Totter's Lane.
  • The Royal Family is not at all real, they're a bunch of washed up actors playing the roles to this day.

Australian government


Ostrich is the other white meat.

  • Sometimes, the New Zealanders beat us at sports.
  • The capital of Queensland is not Brisbane, it's Nairobi.
  • Tony Abbott is an experimental android made entirely from grease.
  • Australia is actually a territorial possession of the Pitcairn Islands.
  • Canberra is an incredibly exciting town, which merely pretends to be dull to discourage outsiders.
  • Tasmania is not really a state; in fact it is not really part of Australia at all and is just hanging around to seem cool by proxy.

French government

  • God is known to speak other languages than French.
  • Jacques Chirac is very bad at imitating Charles de Gaulle.
  • Becoming a member of the Academie Francaise does not really make a person immortal.
  • The Eiffel Tower was built by Germans.
  • All military personel carry a stick and a white piece of cloth, along with a tampon, on them at all times.

Chinese government

  • The Internets

The Irish Government

  • Alcohol does NOT make you more attractive
  • Alcohol does NOT make you more cool
  • Alcohol does NOT make you live longer
  • The tax on alcohol DOES cancel out the social welfare budget

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