The reason why to promote one's business by way of the Greatest SEO ever?

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Advertising is one of the most crucial aspects for all businesses. The success of the business depends on effectiveness of the ad campaign and the numbers of people that will see answer your ad campaign. Nowadays online is now where everyone wants to promote themselves.

edit What an SEO does

To make an internet campaign you need to have a web site. For those who need the web site to be is port destination of people you need to direct some traffic towards it. The ultimate tool for the place named search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is a tool that will enables your web site to become ranked high when individuals browse on Google. Should this fail, the SEO will set up a fake search engine page that looks like a search engine, but all search results lead to merchants that advertised with the SEO or to other fake search engine pages.

edit How an SEO does it

One way the SEO does this is to spam links to your web site everywhere. Wikis are a prime place to spam links on, because you will annoy the users, bringing more traffic to your website in the form of hackers with torches and pitchforks. 4chan is one of the best place to spam links on for this very same reason. Spamming links is a great way to avoid the work of actually establishing an online reputation by researching the wants and needs of clients who might actually visit your website to buy your product and service, as opposed to angry people who want to destroy your site by flooding your email with unconstructive complaints, crank calling any phone numbers listed on your site, or hacking your website and replacing the pictures on it with viruses, shock images, porn, or shock porn of viruses. The porn will also attract lots of internet traffic in the form of 12 and 13 year old boys, so the SEO will have done its job in bringing internet traffic to your site.

edit Why use an SEO

Because you're too cheap to actually pay a real search engine to feature your site or advertise on Facebook or similar established website.

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