The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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The quick brown fox text

This is why some people find reading boring.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is an English phrase famous for being most widely used in order to start a conversation. It is also used, but not as often, by paperback writers when they need to add content to their book. This happens when the contract with the publishing firm requires several hundreds of pages while the writer has already exhausted all the possible life topics (pictured).

edit History

Typography the quick

The original version of the sentence.

The fox has always symbolized someone devious and duplicitous. Like George Clooney. On the contrary, the dog was very loyal and honest. The fox and the dog is a metaphor of the Satan and the God. And so, as early Christians believed, when the dog becomes lazy and the fox jumps over it, the Apocalypse will happen. That's why the dogs have always been trained in order to never become lazy and to chase foxes down.

This is proven by the original version of the sentence, which can be seen in the picture: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog and feels as if he were in the seventh heaven of typography together with Hermann Zapf, the most famous artist of the...". This means that the Christians believed that the God was located somewhere between the sixth and the seventh heaven, which was the heaven of the typography. After jumping over the dog, the fox (the Devil) feels that he is now in the seventh heaven. The Christian church always considered arts and fame to be something evil, that's why Satan finds the most famous artist in the sky with him. This is the most terrible image of the Apocalypse. The reader is terrified as the evil is now in heaven and the good is defeated.

Fox jumps over a dog

As always, several hundred years later, different humanists began doubting the Church's sayings. The phrase, that the Christians have always feared, became very widely used and lost its original meaning. Now this is a sentence that a man will mostly likely utilize if he has problems with starting a conversation. This doesn't not concern women, as they are more religious than men and so would prefer not to talk at all.

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