The infinite paradox

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Do you want to know more?

“Daddy why do you hate me?!!”
~ Albert Einstein on After meeting his father.
“Hahah you just lost!”
~ Hermann Einstein on After meeting his son.
~ Admiral Ackbar on the theory in Albert's kitchin throwing his cereal.

edit History of The Infinite Paradox

  • The infinite Paradox is a major theory which was founded by Albert Einstein.

edit The Real Origin

After creating this time machine, Albert Einstein worked on something so complex it was mind blowing. Thus Albert Einstein went back in time to tell Hermann Einstein, this father about the great discovery. Only to have Hermann Einstein say, "Albert my dear boy I told you never to play with time, nor to lose the game." Einstein, completely pissed off, first traveled in time to stop himself from going back to see his father. Then traveled back in time to stop himself form stopping himself since he realized that he started destroying the fabric of the universe. Then decided to screw it and randomly show up in time to have people lose the game when they least expect it. Thus at this point he forgot what the theory was and just used it as a cover for 'The Game', since he still needs some sort of funding.

edit The United Nations and The Banning of Albert's Theories

When the United Nations first met in 1945, the second bill passed was "Bill 002 - The Banning of anything Einstein". This led to everyone never having to be fall to taps in Einsteins theories again. The bill passed by four votes, leading to riots in Russia, since at this point it was the one that funded Einstein. In Soviet Russia the game loses you.

edit General Theory of the Infinite Paradox

Therefore, so did you.

==Sgt. bellend

edit The Definition of Irony

  • Einstein owned you.

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edit The External Links

  • Fortunately, there are no websites documenting The infinite paradox, considering Einstein just goes back in time and destroys the creators before publishing on the Internets. Only Uncyclopedia is granted his acknowledge to keep this, or has it?

edit The See Also section...

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