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The incident may refer to:

That time I accidentally launched a thousand ships with my face during my sojourn in Troy/thousand ships
That time I didn't appreciate your attitude towards my potato chip situation during my sojourn in Panera
That time I was attacked by my step-son during my sojourn in PeloponneseThat time I was nearly eye-raped by An Article Written by Somebody that Didn't Read How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid: A Retrospective during my sojourn in Uncyclopedia
That time I was nearly killed by Christian Bale during my sojourn on Terminator SalvationThat time I was nearly raped by Devo during my sojourn in Akron, Ohio
That time I was nearly raped by Mr. Winkler yelling AAAAAAAAA! during my sojourn to the Jordanhill railway station
That time I was nearly raped by an Oscar Wildebeest during my sojourn in wherever Oscar Wildebeests come fromThat time I was nearly raped by the power rangers during my sojourn to the 90's
That time I was plundered in the ass by a Viking during my voyage to a retirement villaThat time I wasn't raped by anything during my sojourn to a soda machineThat time NIGGERS STOLE MY PAGE during my sojourn on the internet
That time Stephen Hawking ran over my cat during my sojourn in OxfordThat time a guy fucked my wife in the parking lot of a Trader Joe's
That time a wizard did it during my sojourn in CanadaThat time of the month
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