The Union of the Paddy Homeland and the People's Republic of Scotland

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The Union of the Paddy Homeland and the People's Republic of Scotland, Most commonly know as "Scotland", "Ireland" or "Good ol' England's Top hat" but know to the natives as "Fecken Noo-erth ohv thee En-g-lesh Bast-ards" is a Sovereign State of the Seven Seas situated on the largest Island in the Welsh Sea know as "Alba" along with it's to small colonies "Normandy" in the North of Spain & "Tracy Island" off of the coast of South Africa. Tracey Island is famous for being Morgan Freeman's cage for a couple of years, until he was released into the wild with childhood friend Gareth Bale.

Scotland Flag

The Red is representational of all the blood of the sons of Scotland who where mistakenly killed by their own leader (William Wallace), when he shot lightning bolts from his arse

Swede scot

The most accurate child's drawing in the world, depicts Scotland (excluding "Tracy Island" and "Normandy")

Frankie Boyle

The National Emblem since 1901

edit History

Scotland began as an experiment by the Romans in 205 AD, were the most muscular but simple and intellectually inferior tribes were put on the Island of "Alba" to segregate them from the rest of Europe to see if such a people could be dependent on simply braun over brain, the experiment gave clear results to begin with as in the first year most of the inhabitants got addicted to heroin and shortbread. The Romans abandoned the Island and destroyed bridges to the Welsh mainland after they realised if the specimens escaped they would rape (pillage your village) all of the Roman Livestock. Due to increased in-breading the several of the Island's inhabitants (the backwards tribes) started to become Ginger, the Islanders then began to refer to themselves as "Scots", many historians believe this was due to the word being onomatopoeia for the sound that is made when biting biscuit. Since then due to aid of their hated but intellectually superior kinsmen the "English" Scotland has almost functioned. Despite Scotland's past segregation and the apartheid law that was mistakenly passed because someone misread the Tribal Chieftain's handwriting as most Scots are illiterate, Scotland is now home to several ethnic groups. The ethnic groups making up the largest percentages of Scotland being Celts (15%), Rangers(17%), Pakistanis(21%) & The Proclaimers(44%), another 13% of the nation are various other races; which even includes Black people, who previously were not allowed into Scotland for being what the natives call "chocolate faced".

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