The Unamazing Adventures of Boofhead

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The UnAmazing Adventures of Boofhead is a short-lived cartoon series that never aired anywhere outside of a few losers computers who found this shit-load-of-fuck on the Geocities that the creator of the site thought to upload the 23 videos to, in hopes some newtwork executive might stumble accross it and find Comedy Centrals next biggest thing. Unfortunately, the videos where so bad, even Channel 31 wouldn't air such atrocity. Since the closure of Geocites, the only remains of the series are found on some fat cunt, from Australia's hard-drives. He has however uploaded a "best of" "worst of" Boofhead collection on youtube for any unsuspecting pour soul to find and never get those ten minutes of their lives back ever again.

edit What is T.U.A.O.B?

In 2001, the fat cunt we just mentioned was attending a computer coarse that taught the students how to make Macromedia Flash videos. Their end of semester finals included having to make a cartoon that was at at a minimum of 2-mins in total duration. Other members of the class inlcuded such scholars that went on to be animators for top name shows such as "Drawn Together", "Shit Pickle's Poopy Hour & The Animated Adventures of Ronny J... however, their was a no-talent bag of shit in the group, who for his presentation, drew a shitty looking fat guy with a large Afro that he based on some smelly kid he went to school with, while also badly impersonating that smelly fat kids voice.

What was even more pathetic then the concept of the video was that within 30 seconds, you have seen Boodhead farting through the air, then for no reason Stan Marsh appears in a helicopter, lands the thing in South Park, Boofhead then bends over, farts, and kills Kenny. And that was the entire presentation. A mere 30 seconds of crap... but it didn't end there, it then had end credits that rolled for 2 mins saying some of the dumbest shit in history like; "Boofhead was played by Afroman" - "Oprah Winfrey played the Chopper" - "Mel Gibson did not appear due to cost cutting"... so you can imagine just how heinous the video must have been.

That fat little Aussie was kicked out of film school forever, and told to never come back for making such crappy animations and pointless plot-lines.

Fart Warz

edit It Continued

Even after that fat cunt was thrown out of film school, it did not stop him from making a sequel... which by all fairness, he had every right to do. If Hollyweed can make sequels to shit like "Cabin Fever" & Dukes of Hazzard(The movie) then that fat cunt would be allowed to make a sequel to the "UnAmazing Adventures of Boofead". Later that year, the sequel was released called, "The UnAmazing Adventures of Boofhead: The Beginning".

The episode showed how Boofhead received his powers to float in the air and fly while farting. The rough plot to the short film was that Homer Simpson threw away a can of radio-active baked beans that found its way to wash up on a beach that baby Boof was playing on completely unsupervised, and also mysteriously could open a tinned can, which just goes to show you how much effort was put into the sub-plots... but anyway, Boofhead is basically a farting stinky version of the Toxic Avenger.. how fucking original.

More & More videos kept being made due to such a high demand of public interest, which consisted of both his friends Pete and some chick named Val he met online. That fat cunt went on to make around 23 episodes in total. And the sad thing about it all, they kept sort of getting better then the last one, but still keeping it's original shithouseness.

Worst Of Moments

edit No More Boofhead Videos

The fat cunt from Australia stopped making the videos in around 2008. And the world thanked him for it. No more stupid parodies about a guy who can fart and levitate and used up just about every lowest common denominator of "fart" humor known to man.

edit Episode Listings

Who Cares. Well ain't you a smarty pants finding this. Boofhead was created by Uncyclopedias very own Maniac1075... that's who the FAT CUNT of Australia really is!!!

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Worst Of Moments
For those who wish to learn more about "The UnAmazing Adventures of Boofhead" then can we just ask you one question? Are you fucking retarded or something?.

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