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This article is about the period that happened around the time of the years 2000-2009, give or take 10 years

The two-thousands was a time period between the decade 2000-2010. Music, fashion, and the evolution of technology had changed drastically since then. Music like dubstep and house music had stepped into fame while crazy fashion had also come into popularity. The newest thing that changed since its previous decade (the wicked 90's) was the new generation of iPODs. Mostly teens and young adults had been memorized by the new technology, while adults older, had been thinking of the drastically change in technology making it hard to keep up.


Some popping pop stars of the decade included:

  • ♥ Lady Ga Ga
  • ♥ The Black Eye Peas
  • ♥ Avril Larvine
  • ♥ Pit Bull
  • ♥ Lil wayne
  • ♥ David Guetta
  • ♥ Justin Bieber

Since then, music had turned from the "smooth snapping jazz" to up beat and bass music.

The economy since the great depression had taken a huge down hill, since not using the surplus for the US's debt.

The Two-Thousands, also known as "The Noughties" are best known for possibly being the worst years of human life -- at least until The tennies, perhaps, which is a little better, girls are looking a little better, I like the short shorts but that Lady Gaga bullshit should go away. The Two-Thousands can also be referred to as the emo decade. Piss piss piss piss moan bitch bitch bitch. They started in 2001 when music and TV started to evolve into crap, mostly because of Big Brother and house music and add that stupid trade center bombing as well. In November of 2000, the first donkey ever, George Bush was elected for president after he stole it from Al Gore, who had done the job better, and Merka into some fascist dictatorship that invade countries such as Iraq because of some outdated Muslim crap. We also have this fag emo guy called Sean Hannity who tells about some Holy War bullshit such as blowing that Israel off the map. Big fucking deal. It is not going to cause the Battle of Armageddon, isn't it.

Natural disasters had also struck a tole from hadie's to japan's earthwake. At least the world didn't end in 2000! The harry potter movies had also started and ended in this decade, first filming in 2000 and ending half way through the next decade, july 2011. Sure the decade did have its ups and downs, but children living and growing up in the decade had a lot of fun.

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