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The original, GS' cover

This article, The Signal, contains content made by various authors who remain anonymous, and have their own POVs on the subject. The point here is to turn you into a killer. Or to hypnotize you into becoming a killer. Just Read IT! And when you are done, you will feel like going out and killing. This is psycho, and you will undoubtedly make so many mistakes that the authorities will come to arrest you within hours. You can then either commit suicide-by-cop or you can go quietly. If you go quietly, you will be put on trial, and, at a fucking minimum, end up in a 10' by 5' cage for the next fifty years or so, give or take a decade.

At a maximum you will be strapped onto something and things will be done to you with about 20 people watching through little windows, things you won't be able to walk away from or talk your way out of this time.

Just so you know the consequences.

So here you go. Read this, and then do what you do. We wash our hands of you.



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