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Do you see the derp?

The Penguins of Madagascar is a show about four penguins who don't live anywhere in Madagascar, but in the Central Park Zoo. As unfitting as the title may seem, the whole thing actually started from the film Madagascar, which involved the penguins, as well as a lion, hippo, zebra, and giraffe being stranded in Madagascar and made into slaves by the evil lord King Julien. Then the penguins built a plane and managed to fly off, but soon crash landed in Africa. Later in the sequel, the penguins managed to rebuild the plane and fly it back to New York, leaving the other animals behind. Sometime afterward, Nickelodeon decided to screw up two films at once by making an uninspired spin-off. To make it seem more "interesting", they put Julien in it.

edit Premise

The show takes place sometime after Madagascar 2, when the penguins make it back to New York. King Julien took over the zoo and screwed it up the whole system. The penguins made a resistance and now try to fight off against this injustice, only to screw things up even more.

The Penguins of Madagascar chronicles the life about penguins who frequently fight for the freedom of other animals, go on secret commando missions, or invent top-secret technology. This usually ends up failing and almost destroying the whole zoo, which the penguins treat their own personal battlefield.

edit Characters

edit The Penguins

edit Skipper

Skipper is the abusive leader of the penguin resistance. He constantly bosses around the other penguins and forces them to waste time risking their lives on dangerous life-threatening missions. He also enjoys bitch slapping Private across the face whenever he screws up. Whenever he gets caught masturbating, he's all like "You didn't see anything".

edit Private

Private is short for "private parts", which he ironically doesn't have. Due to this, Private is abnormally nice and very sensitive, making him the pussy of the group. Private has a whole lot of other serious medical conditions, such as his desire for rainbows, lollipops, kittens, and things other people would hate (Such as My Little Pony). How he even got into the penguin military is a mystery. So is "his" actual gender.

edit Rico
Evil penguin

Rico about to blow a fuse.

Rico is a psycho penguin with a scar on his cheek, and possibly the most likeable character on the show. He was most likely dropped when he was still inside his egg, causing him to become a homicidal psychopath who can't speak proper sentences. He also has the ability to puke out various objects which he is somehow able to keep in his stomach. His speech disability makes it hard to tell whether or not he wants to kill you.

edit Kowalski

Kowalski is the genius of the group. He is so smart that he builds all sorts of inventions that routinely malfunction, destroying the zoo.

edit Supporting characters

edit King Julien

King Julien performs his usual nudity dance while the penguins watch shamefully as their zoo crumbles to dust. Rico looks interested.

King Julien is the singing, dancing gay lemur king who somehow ended up at the zoo with his minions despite the fact that they stayed in Africa at the end of the sequel. He soon took over the entire zoo and fucked up the entire system. While he may not seem so threatening, Julien actually has incredible brain-shrinking powers, which he accidentally used on himself. He also goes Ape-Shit Crazy whenever someone (usually Mort) touches his feet.

edit Maurice

Some people call him the Space Cowboy. Some people call him the Gangster of Love. But most people call him Maurice. He is Julien's right hand man and possible love interest. Even though Maurice is ten times smarter than Julien, he strangely didn't become the king.

edit Mort

Mort is some sort of tiny creature with big ass eyes who made himself part of the lemur community, though he is obviously not a lemur at all. He is madly in love with Julien's feet, and once touched them, only to be banished from the kingdom but instantly allowed back. Mort serves no purpose to Julien, except for emergencies when he makes a great stress reliever/punching bag.

edit Marlene

Marlene the otter is pretty much the only female character of the show (unless you count Private). She doesn't appear in many episodes, unless they involve something. Skipper secretly holds a big crush on her, but can never find the right time to tell her, because of something else. Due to the fact that she was raised in captivity, she goes insane and wreaks havoc whenever she's outside her habitat.

edit Dr. Butthole

An evil dolphin who rides a segway. He lost his eye to hungry sailors, leaving a scar. He was later captured by the government, who gave him some sort of device to replace his eye and then brainwashed trained him to become an evil mastermind like they do with any animal they bring in. Butthole now spends time with his army of lobsters thinking of ways to kill innocent "painguins" and take over the world. He may possibly have demons due to constant nightmares about a ring of fire.

edit Critical Reception

The Penguins of Madagascar was the first film of Dreamworks Animation to become a TV show. It surprisingly turned out good and became one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows - considering the "new" Nickelodeon after it redesigned their logo, cancelled all the shows, and replaced them with stuff like iCarly, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and other shit.

Oscar Wilde said "the show would come in handy for teaching children about joining the military and going on missions. And it may also prepare them for World War 3". Penguins were the only things that got childrens' attention, so they made it about penguins. Many critics give the show 4 stars. Julien gave it -1 stars because he wanted to be the star of the show, but sadly, penguins are more popular than lemurs.

edit Future

Afro circus

A glimpse of the possible second Madagascar spin-off.

After three successful seasons, the future of The Penguins of Madagascar is being put into consideration. Due to the release of a third Madagascar film which focuses on Afro circuses, the show may be put on hiatus or, even better, cancelled. Though Nickelodeon may want to keep this show alive due to its fan base, and the fact that it is one of the few decent things left on the channel. For all we know, if a spin-off is made after the movie, it may or may not be total shit like everything else on Nickelodeon these days.

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