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Not to be confused with The DaVinci Code or The Dada Vinci Code, The Nuremberg Code by Dr. Josef Mengele is at heart a treatise on traffic light signal boxes, and is a long-cherished tome and much used reference work to all those wishing to know how to avoid collisions when dealing with vastly diverse and complex nexus resolvation centers.

edit The Great Amber or Orange 'Wait light' Debate

Several chapters of The Nuremberg Code are dedicated to the different systems of thought on whether or not to include a (traditionally orange) 'wait' light in between the red and the green lights. The issue is most controversial and many a hospital casualty unit (usually presided over by Dr. Mengele) has been stretched to it's limits from admissions arising solely from escalated debates as to whether or not the 'wait' light means that you should prepare to stop, or speed up so as to be able to keep on going uninteruppted. Proponents of the speedup point of view argue that, as a pedestrian, one would not attempt to cross a busy road when the light showed orange. However, within that camp there are two further divisions - those who propose getting rid of the orange light altogether, to bring all countries into alignment with one anothers road sign etiquette, and those who abhorr the very suggestion of such conformity.

edit The 'Hidden' Nuremberg Code

There is much speculation that The Nuremberg Code can also be read as a guide to finding treasure, ar. Treasure, ar, is in legend and folklore known to be caskets of precious metals and gems buried by pirates on the coasts of Atlantic countries. Sometimes treasure, ar, is washed up so far inland that it finds it's way into the vaults and pillars of churches near the Pyrennees, causing much confusion as to the dating of any artefacts lying about and verification of their authenticity. This is the case with some of the paintings commissioned from Poussin by King Louis XIV, which record the excitement of shepherds who thought they had found the lost universal whirligig of Atlantis.

Further speculation by conspiracy theorists postulates the idea that the entire tome is based around the geometries of the recovered Ark of the Covenant, the spaces between the Lucasarts series, Sumerian-derived sigils based upon the backwards rendering of King List names, and Nümberwang. But no-one knows why.

edit The Nuremberg Rally

The popularity of The Nuremberg Code was such that over 40 million Germans went to a mass gathering in it's celebration. The only problem were the loos, because when 40 million germans have to go at once there is no stopping them.

The upper echelons of the Third Reich are generally credited with having invented Stadium Rock during the Nuremberg Rally, as part of Projekt Trockenrasierer.

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