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“Nooooooooooooo I cannot think of that Robert Frost poem the same ever again!! What if I write about anal sex in my exam :o noooooooo!”
~ on examinations.

Hello Bonjour Hei Hallo γειάσου Ciao こんにちは Olá! здравствулте! Hola 你好 שלום

/me turns on Microsoft Auto-Insert-Poignant-Picture 20089'''

My name is Billorights copy... Sorry about that. Ok, my name is Clfamily... Lets try that again. My name is Noobaward Lemonadestand Dammit! what the Gorillamarketing Wotm Ok ok ok... Mud pie my name is Grapheconomics Organs beijing08 WHAT THE FU- AAN I'LL F- Algeschoolean Fundiment GO FU- Picasso GO F- Perestroikatape G- Unbooks mousepad ... 430450122 12dc0fa045 /me goes to turn off com- Metromap /door slams loudly


Hey I did it!

I am the greates- Upsidedownlol1 Hex GUN

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