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The Misunderstood
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The Yardbirds, Timothy Leary, GOD, Frank Zappa, Jabba, John Peel, Dick Clark, and Alfred E. Neuman.

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The Misunderstood debacle began when the Goddess of Misfortune, who was bored with creating apocalypses, World Wars, cooties, elephantiasis, the Chicago Cubs, and other bloopers, decided to try her hand at unpopular music. First she created Rick-Steve-Glenn-Moe-Tony, and a bit before that, she created (future) BBC DJ John Peel. Then she brought them all together, and the boys conspired as a music group, while DJ John became their personal Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although they were just a rag tag band of rebels from California's Inland Empire, by 1966 Peel had teleported them to "fab" London where they almost became Psychedelic Music icons 45 years later[1][2].

In Swinging London the band were enticed with promises of bread and water into signing a pact with Fontana Records, a label who fantasized that The Misunderstood could spear-head their 1967 payola campaign. But their obscurity in a foreign country came at a touchy time for the Lyndon Johnson administration, and the US Embassy in London was outraged when the group suggested during interviews that "War sucks dead dicks!" Indeed, John Lennon agreed that war sucked, and lots of people began to chirp, give peace a chance!

So in order to protect their lucrative military-industrial contracts and prevent the band from bringing an end to profitable hostilities, the US government staged the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag distraction, while the band members received a death or dishonor order from the US Army. The Draft-board offered them two options: Hell or High Water. The singer, faced with less than three choices, waded into high water and escaped to the sanctimonious quagmire of India for 12 years of exile. Meanwhile the other band members were deemed utterly worthless for military service due to their pre-traumatic lethargy syndrome.

And so it was that the Misunderstood never came to pass, in spite of themselves[3]. And the Goddess of Misfortune added another notch to her garter belt.

Greatest losers of the 60s

The band's reputation for maniacal performances and their infernal feed-back were so anti-establishment that the music-media and British groupies remain forgetful even now. In fact, myth has it that The Who's Pete Townshend suggested that The Misunderstood tone down and chill out a bit. All in all the British music scene had a mixed reaction to the group: the music media loved them but the local bands hated them, for example:

“The Misunderstood were a band of immense talent. Their debut single, "I Can Take You to the Sun," is one of the most powerful and best psychedelic singles ever released!”
~ Record Collector Magazine
~ The Move's Roy Wood

Musical Output

Before being forcefully disbanded the group managed to pop some fuses and record a whopping seven Psychedelic Music songs in the UK. Although the band waxed all of seven songs in London, only all of these still exist. They are known as “The Seven Dwarfs” because of their being "dwarfed" by most Psychedelic Music competition:


"7 Dwarfs" - as listed.

  1. I'm Not Talkin (Happy )
  2. Children of the Sun (Sleepy)
  3. Who Do You Luv? - (Sneezy)
  4. I, Unseen - (Grumpy)
  5. My Mind - (Dopey)
  6. Find the Hidden Door (Doc)
  7. I Can Take You To The Sun (Bashful)

Songs Copyright

First the copyright for all Misunderstood songs was traded by Michael Jackson to OJ Simpson just to hear the truth; OJ traded the copyright for all Misunderstood songs to Charlie Manson just to hear the truth; Manson traded the copyright for all Misunderstood songs to Santa just to hear the truth; Santa traded the copyright for all Misunderstood songs to the Pope just to hear the truth; and the Pope traded the copyright for all Misunderstood songs to God just to hear the truth. So the current copyright holder is the Pope

Thus it has come to pass that the quest for a heavenly retreat begins with the ability to distinguish psych music from trite music. Because all those who don’t dig The Misunderstood's tunes now go to a cold, hard land where White Christmas, as sung by Pat Boone, is played ad infinitum, interrupted at times by Yanni tunes and the infernal screeching of an endless duet between Bjork and Barry Manilow.

So, there you have it. The ridiculous and far-fetched saga of a band, who really were meant to change the world of rock, only to end up as a spoof on Uncyclopedia. Indeed, the story of The Misunderstood is a rock ‘n’ roll shambles that, quite possibly, makes Spinal Tap seem more captivating than a 74-minute bass solo!



What, we worry?

See also

  • The Yardbirds whom Rolling Stone Magazine called "The British Misunderstood."


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