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The Mentalist is an American tv show where it shows a metal guy with an afro who has a great obsession for tea. The show is about a guy 'Patrick Jane' who works with his team in the CBI (Clown Banking Incorporated). While coping with his mental problems Patrick Jane has a great hatred for the artist 'Red John' and is out to get him. The show consists of 6 seasons, and the seventh season which will be coming out.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist.

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edit CBI

CLOWN BANKING INCORPORATED Patrick's CBI team consists of 6 people; Theresa Lisbon, Grace Van Pelt, Wayne Rigsby, Kimball Cho, himself Patrick Jane, and Patrick Jane's imaginary colleague, John Red. Patrick has created John Red so he could order him around and shout at him. While his colleagues are aware of his constant yelling and shouting at nothing they are amused and don't offer him help. 70% of the time the CBI bankers would be out of work and snooping around on crime scenes since hardly anyone uses Clown Bankers. They sneak onto murder scenes and distract the police working there while Patrick Jane sneaks into the house or area and goes hunting for tea.

edit Cast

  • Patrick Jane is a consultant for the CBI. When they had first hired a consultant they were unaware of what that was. Patrick had conned them into thinking that he was a professional clown banker and that a consultant was a person who duplicated money with his mind. When they had later found out what a consultant was, it was too late to fire him since had a contract which stated that he could not be fired unless orange hippos had invaded the CBI offices (which were covered with balloon animals and plastic giraffe statues). Patrick's 'work' consists of drinking tea and sleeping on the couch all day. Patrick Jane hates Red John because of an incident that was Patrick's fault. Red John was painting a portrait of Patrick and his wife and daughter when his wife and daughter decided it was a good idea to drink some goat milk. But as they left to go to the kitchen Patrick's jar of psychic marbles fell on the floor and they slipped in them and eventually killed them.Patrick refuses to admit that it was his fault so he blames it all on Red John. Patrick is also known for leaving a car move on its own as he was talking and made it fall off a cliff. Patrick Jane is always wearing the same outfit everyday, all year.
  • Theresa Lisbon who has a secret love for Patrick. She hates him but in her heart she always has sexy ideas about him. She constantly nagging about her job and her life and tends to have anger issues. When sneaking onto crime scenes Lisbon passes under the police line and starts to scream and then pretends to die while Van Pelt pretends to be a doctor and 'heals her' in the meantime Cho and Rigsby distract the guards while Patrick goes tea hunting.
  • Grace Van Pelt is a woman who everyone seems to hit on including Theresa Lisbon at one time. Grace and Rigsby had dated for a while but she left him for an FBI agent who she soon left too after she found out that the FBI he was working it was FBI: Fishing Boat Industries and that he made 2$ an hour. She then got back together with Wayne Rigsby, married him and got stuck taking care of his child.
  • Kimball Cho is an angry Korean man who never smiles. He is violent and can make a person bleed with just one punch. Sometimes he randomly goes into punching mode at random moments, mostly at church. He is know as the 'angry clown' or as some others call him 'Fucked up clown'
  • Wayne Rigsby is an idiot who enjoys pissing off angry Korean men and playing with toy dinosaurs. There is not much to say about this guy accept for the fact that he has an obsession with eating food. Wayne Rigsby and Van Pelt have been married in a small claustrophobic room.
  • Red John is a well known artist who is mostly known for his painting of a red smiley face. People love it so much that they draw it on walls of people who had been murdered as a sign of respect. Red John is always running away from the crazy mental Patrick Jane who is out to get him. Patrick has tried to kill him by planting a bomb in his house, by pointing a gun at his head when he was in his shower and Patrick has also tried to poke him to death with a stick.
Red John

Red John

  • John Red is the least popular person in the show. He is a person created by Patrick's mental mind. Patrick enjoys yelling, screaming and sometimes abusing John Red. According to Patrick, John Red is a "Good for nothing lazy ass hole who looks like shit, does shit and is shit." Patrick has also accused John Red of shitting on his desk.

edit Tea

Tea is sometimes used as a character in show. Patrick Jane shows great love and passion for tea. He especially likes to drink tea from crime scenes. Patrick's best friend is tea and if there was a situation where he had to save one of his colleagues or tea, he would choose tea. Tea sometimes help to calm Patrick down after a long day of screaming and yelling at 'John Red'. Patrick enjoys all kinds of tea and likes to drink tea out of cups, mugs and sometimes shoes.

edit Red John

Red John is an artist who has been on the run from Patrick Jane most of his life. Patrick has made his life miserable by trying to kill him all the time. Red John has gone to the police several times to report being attacked by Patrick Jane but the Police have never done anything since they think Patrick will go even crazier and murder random people by drowning them in large cups of tea. Red John's privacy is totally invaded by Patrick. It is know that Patrick has put camera's in Red John's house and monitored his every move. Patrick's colleagues call him a 'pervert' for doing that and also 'gay'. Red John had to move away and stay in hiding from Patrick, but Patrick hasn't stopped hunting for him.

Patrick jane's mind

Patrick Jane's mind

edit Catching Red John

From all the tea Patrick Jane has drunk, his mind has made an illusion of circles and stripes, and also he thinks that he has found Red John. After interrogating John Red by screaming at him for 3 hours to get information about Red John's location, he managed to successfully make no progress (after all, he was screaming at an empty chair). Patrick went mad and kidnapped 7 people and called them 'suspects'. He managed to get most of them killed by gun shots, explosion and torture. After he had just a few 'suspects' left he got John Red to say who Red John is, but according to Jane's mind , John Red refused to. Patrick continues to look for Red John with the help of his psycho colleagues.

edit Red John Caught

When Patrick was out buying a new clown nose at the 'Clowns R Us' store, he noticed a painting hung on the wall, Red John's famous smiley face. Patrick screamed at the shop keeper and threatened to use his 'poke of doom' on him (which is poking someone with a stick) to tell him where he got it from. The shopkeeper, with piss in his pants from fear, told him that he had bought it from Red John who know worked in an ice cream shop half a block away. Patrick Jane stole a man's car and took all his colleagues with him to the ice cream shop. After crashing the stolen car into an abnormally large ficus plant, they stormed into the shop where Red John was making ice cream. Patrick's team pulled out water guns on Red John and told him that he was under 'Clown Arrest'. Someone passing by called the police on Patrick and his psycho colleagues,but before they could be arrested they stole a cab and drove off.

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