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This is a very special article. It is special because it has a deep meaning. The meaning is deep because it is very different. It is very different because it is very special. The meaning of this article is that there is no meaning of the article. There is no meaning of the article simply because there is nothing to be meaningful about, other than that the meaning is deep of course. The meaning is deep, because it's different, making it special, making it meaningful, making it different. It's quite simple.[1]

“It's elementary my deer fellow, its meaningful because its different, its different because it's special, and it's special because its meaningful!”
~ Sherlock Holmes on this article
~ You on this article

edit Confusing you?

Well look at it like this. There is a delicious box of candy. The candy is delicious because it's different than others, it's different than others because it's special, and it's special because its delicious!

Does that clear things up?

Alright, you seem like a drooling imbecile...hmm...let me try again. There is a beautiful woman, she is beautiful because her smile is different, her smile is different because her face is special, and her face is special because she is a beautiful woman.

...well if your on this site most of you are nerds that have never even touched a woman...Ahh i got it!

Water is super-effective against fire, fire is super-effective against grass, and for some reason grass is super effective against water...

...still don't get it...well i tried, that's why you should have stayed in school.

“How could anyone with even half a mind not understand after that perfect example with the beautiful woman.”
~ Oscar Wilde on your idiocy

edit Technical Talk

So this is an article with a miraculously big meaning. The point of this article is to show that any article can have a meaning without having a meaning by not having a meaning...even though that's not the meaning it's something that's subconscious in the text.

Now since this article has no meaning the meaning is greater than any other because having no meaning is never big unless the meaning is not having a meaning...which is meaningful...meaning that the meaning is huge, yet there isn't one. SO a meaning without meaning is very meaningful.

Meaning means what something is meant to say...really meaning i don't have a dictionary on me and am to lazy to get one. So if a meaning means what something is meaning to say, than the meaning to this article is not that meanings don't always have to mean something, they just have to attempt on saying what someone meant so say. It's actually that there is no meaning, but since there isn't a meaning the meaning is big.

“I'm not mean!”
~ Captain Oblivious on this article

edit Contradiction

Here is where you nag about how it doesn't make sense and i being the genius i am come right back at you by owning you with a epic response... or delete the question because your right

-You:Wait...if the meaning is that there isn't a meaning that means there isn't a meaning.

-Me:If the meaning is that there is no meaning that means the only reason is here is to have no meaning, which means it has a meaning, to not have one. If there was no meaning that means there would be nothing to have no meaning about.

-You:Different doesn't make it special

-Me:Of course it does! If something is unlike anything else it means it is unique, unique is another word for special.

-You: If the meaning of not having a meaning is that not having a meaning is the meaning, wouldn't that mean the meaning is actually that it has a meaning of not having a meaning rather than a meaning of not having a meaning other than having a deep meaning that has no meaning of a meaning.

-Me: 10...11...12! 12 times you said the word i guess that's two new records, one for the longest sentence without a period and the sentence with the most meaning.oh and for your answer...It's simple. It has no meaning.

edit For those who Understand...or not

If you understand, congratulations, you are good at finding the meanings behind things! I mean, you figured out how the meaning of this article has a big meaning by not having one!

If you don't, well it's ok...actually, no it's not. You need help, serious help, have you ever considered going back to school? No i mean way back, like Elementary school. Or you can just go skydiving...without the parachute

Do you understand this article?

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HAHA! You should live in Canada FREE HEALTH CARE SUCKA! I ain't paying for your stupid mind!

edit References

  1. Simply meaningful.
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