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{{Q|This page really pisses me off! That, and people making up Oscar Wilde quotes.|Oscar Wilde|The Ignored Wiki Format Article}} {{Listen|filename=Nowiki.mp3|title=The Ignored Wiki Format Article|description=There is an audio version of this article, but good luck listening to it.}} Hello, {{USERNAME}}. You have arrived at the end of [[Uncyclopedia]] - '''The Ignored Wiki Format Article'''. [[This article]] is an article that may not be the best place on [[Uncyclopedia]]. It was invented by <s>[[Oprah]], [[Hitler]] and [[Your Mom]]</s> a bunch of n00bs. It is historical and well known, only it wasn't the best idea thought of. It is also something that pisses off [[Oscar Wilde]], other than making up his quotes. I mean... come on! This article is too much! If you are reading this article, it means that you are way too desperate to read such an Uncyclopedia article, but do read on if you wish to learn more. If you don't, a nice [ external link] shall whisk you off and away from this appallingly formatted mes [[Image:Porn.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Oh this blasted no-wiki code! Now [[you]] can't look at [[porn]], haha!]]

==History of The Ignored Wiki Format Article==

It all began a very long time ago. This was an idea thought of on some boring day, on some boring week, on some boring month, on some boring year that [[Nobody Cares|no one cares about.]]But for some odd reason, the month had the special holiday where [[some people|people]] throw all of their jelly on the walls. Barely any people liked it, but apparantly, it was worth making an article about here. No one knows why it was made, or who thought of it, but we're guessing it's a random person no one knows. Anyway, the article was possibly made to show what it looks like when noobs invade Uncyclopedia. Noobs, you see, have no experience in the Uncyclopedia, and they don't know how all those typing features (of making effects, like links to appear, for an example) work. So, to avoid mess ups, and possibly getting banned from the Uncyclopedia faster than Oscar Wilde getting himself in a car crash and killing anyone in a tragic accident that would be forgotten in only a few hours, the noobs decided to use the only button that they know how to use: The ignore wiki formatting button. The whole entire article was turned into just... well... text, and like... two quotes. We're surprised this article even made it this far.

[[Media:Paris_Hilton_Sex.mpg|thumb|left|400px|God DAMN IT!! The legendary [[Paris Hilton]] sex tape in ''this very page'', and the no-wiki code has ruined it! Oh, life is [[shit]].]]

==Uses Of This Article==

Uses?! Are you [[humour|having a laugh]]? This article is about as useful as a chocolate teapot lol. However, if we really push ourselves, we could probably squeeze out one or two reasonable uses. Let's see now...this article is useful for:

* Showing the world how much of a fucking mess [[Wiki Markup]] is.

* Revealing what one has to type to achieve a certain effect, for example, a [[quote]].

** And warning n00bs about the dangers of screwing up their edits, and the impact this has on articles.

* Absolutely [[nothing]] else.

* See the above four points.

A very useful point when it comes to formatting is to include lists. They fill the most space with the least information. Furthermore, including useless information like, "see the above points" fills even more space with absolutely no information. Using this technique, I've managed to make this article look relatively useful!

==Those Desperate Idiots...==

[[Some people]] really did like the idea of having an article with no wiki formatting, so some crazy man decided to write a book. Yes, it did make different versions for foreign languages, a movie, DVD, video, dolls, video games, and all that stuff, but all book authors and critics still ponder everynight before they go to bed, WHY THE HELL WAS THIS EVEN MADE? The person who thought of this made so much money, but was still hated by millions. This person was told me to be assassinated for doing this, but of course, those desperate idiots who want to read garbage fought back, and then it was welcome to World War III! This encouraged racism, and according to recent surveys and polls, the reason for why the followers of this idea are all racists was that "Everyone was being unfair. We decided to be prejudice so we could keep making crazy things encouraging this article."

==The "Wilde" Reviews==

One of the many famous people who hate this article is one Oscar Wilde. When he wasn't yapping and making quotes here (probably all that trash he "said" was made by you) Wilde boycotted everywhere. You would have never seen so many parades, movements, marches, and even countless wikis against this, trying to get everyone to shut up, move on with their lives, and laugh at something else other than this crap you're reading now. I even heard Oscar Wilde was so angry and drunk one day, he killed a wiki member by annoying them to death with his boring quotes. This broke the law, as it is not allowed to be serious in the Uncyclopedia. Oscar Wilde went to jail, one day. He was released, and then one day when he was making a speech, he was shot. Oh, wait... was that the other guy? Hold on. [[Shit]]. I'm not getting my facts right. Point is, Oscar Wilde was not a happy man when all this crap took place.

==Edit War==

Ohhhh yes. The famous edit war. Well, child, in all of these wikis (Yes, even the Cow Wiki) there were edit wars. Ohhh... you should have seen it! Swears went everywhere, and people were getting banned like crazy! In one of the wikis, everyone got so angry at the admin, they drove him to commit suicide. Sad, no? No one even won. We still continue to battle and edit for our rights. We even get banned for it, but it's always worth it. We fight for what's right. In fact, we're probably all going to get banned from the internet completely, someday, but we'll go down with a good feeling. Too bad wikipedia's probably about to be shut down because of this. I just hope this wiki can last at least one more week.


Well... that's it. I hope you have learned a lot from this article, and remember, don't be stupid. Edit like a good Uncyclopedian... or Wikipedian... or... whatever you are, but just remember that if you lose and get banned, you went down like a soldier. Any questions?

==A Little Being Off Topic==

Sorry. I'm gonna cut the patriotic crap. This country is fucked up, just like this wiki. Screw you, screw the person who thought of this article, and screw the article itself.

==The Fate Of This Article==

Ok, first of all, this... isn't even an article. Secondly, the fate is probably [[VFD|deletion]]. I wouldn't be surprised. An improbable/impossible event would be for this article to be [[VFH|featured]]. This article is about some n00b who no one knows. Oh, and stop being a smart ass. I know what you're thinking. You're gonna say that it was Oscar Wilde, or [[Hitler]], or [[Oprah]]. Well, they aren't n00bs. Don't be dumb.

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