The GI Joe-Transformers War

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The Flag of the Autobots Joe Alliance (AJA)

Joe TF Logo

The Flag of the Union of Decepticon and Cobra Forces (UDCF)

The Great GI JOE-Transformers War took place in 1988, and resulted in the Autobots/Joe Alliance (AJA) gaining control over the Union of Decepticon and Cobra Forces' (UDCF) strongholds in the Bedroom and Backyard theatres.


For years, people argued over which was better: GI JOE or Transformers. Meanwhile divisions existed in each of these factions, between the Autobots and the Decepticons of Transformers, and the Joes and Cobra of GI Joe. Cobra had gained control of large sections of the Backyard, including the area from the Big Stump to the Flower Bed. Meanwhile, Joe forces had dug in near the Back Door, and had set up air fields by the Clothesline. Simultaneously, both forces had gained significant territory in the Bedroom, with Joe well established on the Dresser, and Cobra forces maintaining terrorist cells deep Under the Bed. At the same time, Autobots and Decepticons were building their own forces in both the Backyard and the Bedroom. The Autobots had taken the Toybox and controlled the Back Walkway, while the Decepticons had set up in the Closet and the Back Fence.

Declaration of War

On July 18th, 1988, Cobra forces based out of the Big Stump launched a major offensive on the Joe air fields by the Clothesline. The Joes sustained heavy losses, and quickly needed an ally. In a separate offensive, Decepticon forces bombarded Autobots along the Back Walkway. It wasn't long before Optimus Prime of the Autobots forged an alliance with Duke of the Joe forces, and the AJA was formed. Seeing this new threat, Cobra Commander of Cobra contacted Megatron with a dispatch that has echoed through the ages:

"Megatron! Let's desssstroy those pathetic Joessss and Autobotssss!!"

With those words, The Great GI Joe-Transformers war had begun. Quickly, Megatron accepted, and the UDCF came into being.

Theatres of Operation


In the Bedroom, the AJA used their high-ground advantage to its fullest, sending Skystriker and Conquest aircraft, followed by a ground assault by the Dinobots to quickly knock out the UDCF in the Closet. Their attention then turned to the deeply dug-in forces Under the Bed. The AJA did not notice that the battle for the Closet was much too easy. Megatron had moved most of his forces into the sheltered Under the Bed area to reduce the AJA's ability to strike from the air. Immediately Starscream and Skywarp launched alongside Cobra Rattlers and quickly took out the AJAs air combat ability, and gaining air superiority. Ironhide and Bumblebee, along with Gung Ho and Shipwreck in Vamps, led a ground assault on the caves, and punched a hole in the UDCF's seemingly impenetrable defence. Starscream and Skywarp immediately fled to the Backyard theatre, seeing the the day was lost in the Bedroom.



Intense fighting in the Backyard Theatre

The worst of the fighting came from the Battle for the Backyard. Heavy losses were incurred on both sides in this terrible conflict. 4 Joe, 5 Cobra, 2 Autobot, and 4 Decepticon figures were missing and presumed lost, as well as countless broken thumbs and disjointed legs on both sides. Duke jumped in to Optimus Prime's cab, and led the AJA charge against the UDCF forces. Cobra Commander wielded Megatron and joined the fray. Decepticon forces dropped Firecrackers on to AJA, severely wounding QuickKick. Snake Eyes and Stormshadow battled atop the Big Stump, with Stormshadow eventually being pushed off the side before being caught and carried off by Starscream. At the end of the intense fighting, the AJA had won the day, forcing most UDCF troops into the prison of the Toybox. Starscream and Stormshadow returned much later to free them, but that's another story. Later photos were discovered of Shipwreck (presumed KIA) showing horrendous torture in captivity by Cobra operatives, including the infamous lighter technique resulting in loss of limb.


In the days following the war, people began to realize that while GI Joe was a Real American Hero, with their alliance with the Transformers, they became more than meets the eye. The AJA and the UDCF would wage several more wars on each other, up until the rise to power of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Notable Quotes

  • G.I. Joe - "Yo Joe!"
  • Cobra Commander - "I wassss once a man! Once a man!"
  • Megatron - "I STILL FUNCTIONNNN!"
  • Optimus Prime - "Autobots! Roll Out!"
  • Oscar Wilde - "I had nothing to do with this war"Template:ArticleFH
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