The Fairy Dogmother's Compendium of Alphabetical Stories

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edit A Bitchy Cat


A bitchy cat drugged evil flailing geckos.

It just knew little minions need opiates,
particularly quirky, red, slimy Tokays.
Under veiled windows, X-rated yowling zeal.

edit Abandoned, Billy Cried

Abandoned, Billy cried desperately,

ever forlorn, gated hopelessly inside jail.
Knowledge lost, memory not operating...
Probably quaffed rancid spirits...
That unbelievable vineyard, with xylariaceae yeast zinfandel.

edit Another Bloated Corpse

Another bloated corpse, decaying ever foully.

"Gentlemen, how is justice, karma, law,
made necessary over pooled, quivering refuse?
Stand tall, unless vermin will xenophobize your zeitgeist!"
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