The Eyes of a Traitor

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The Eyes of a Traitor
Background information
Also known as 'Tater, TEA-OAT
Origin Heartfordshire, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Mallcore, Melodic Mall Metal, Mall Death, Post-Mallcore
Years active 1871-present
Label(s) Thirty Days Of Day Records, Unlistenable Records
Jack Delay
Stephen Whitworth
Matthew Pug
Jack Moulde
Sam Brenn-Naan-Bread
Georgina Girt

The Eyes of a Traitor (also known commonly as ‘Tater - as in you say potato, I say potata) are a painfully White-Middle-Class-Mallcore band from Harpenden, which is unfortunately placed within close proximity to Luton, United Kingdom. They have released half an EP, By Moonset, and one quarter-length studio album, An Unclear Perception. The unfounding members are screamster Jack Delay, spanker Stephen Whitworth, second spankette David Cretin, basser Posh Kid (Ian Cubbon) and drummer-in-arms Sam Brenn-Naan-Bread. Their next full-length album is set for South American release 12th July, 2014.

edit Musical Style & Influences

Critics describe The Eyes of A Traitor as Mallcore, primarily. They have also been blessed with the tag of Post-Mallcore. The release of their first EP, By Moonset, was reviewed as a Mallcore record throughout. However, with constant piss takes of An Unclear Perception and despite mixed overall feelings towards the album by anyone with ears, the band have been praised for not trying to bring anything new to Mallcore or the sub derivatives surrounding the controversial genre. In an interview on Mall Underground in 2009, spankette Steve Whitworth was repeatedly asked what he believed The Eyes of a Traitor should be labeled as; "If you wanted to label 'Tater", he states, “we combine technology with melodic mushrooms, aluminium and more than occasional sprinklings from other Mallcore donuts." This highly influential and informative quote, much like 'Tater's music itself, is wide open to intense speculation and deep interpretation.

According to FIFA, Google and the Daily Mail, 'Tater are wanted collectively for crimes against humanity. It is a crime in 38 American States to be found listening to any of 'Tater's material. Attending 'Tater gigs within the British Isles is punishable by death. Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, NME, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping often have to refrain from printing a single word about 'Tater for this very reason.

Suspects of the band are said to be influenced by other bands such as Gorillaz, The Mystery Signals, Log Of God and Adults Of Botswana in equal measure, paying homage to their incredibly Avant-Garde and diverse Hertfordshiretarian backgrounds.

Both lyrically and instrumentally, the band gather influences from a much diversified range of sources. Jack Delay explains; "When it comes to writing lyrics down and actually thinking about what I and the band wish to express, we are definitely inspired by many different experiences and events". He continues; "This one time I was grounded for 6 months with no pocket money. That is a bad experience. 6 months. Can you imagine it? So I scream about it on some of our songs." Matthew Pug agrees; "It's nice to admit we are heavily inspired by bands that all sound the same and to also find this to be completely acceptable. That is a huge weight off our shoulders at least when it comes to the creative process. Being pushed into a psuedo-Catholic background and being painfully middle-class also means we have a lot to scream about." When the band are questioned about the term "-core" and some of the most original and acclaimed bands within the genre, they give an answer only the 'Tater could give; Gorilla biscuits? Husker Du? Fugazi? Agent... Orange?! The Replacements? Are you suggesting we are replacements for another band with that statement? Seriously? No, really. Look, we'll just stick with our Mallcore, we know what's good for us and the kids listening, too".

Every member in 'Tater pretends to be endorsed by either ESP, Ibanez or Daisy Rock guitars to appear more popular than they are. Often all at the same time. On the contrary, there are confirmed rumours that Steve Wheatworth is in talks with Brevil and Pulse Home Products to release his own deluxe range of sandwich toasters and answering machines.

The band receive extended airplay on BBC 6 Music thanks to failed Radio 1 breakfast DJ Marc Riley and DJ-In-Chief Gideon Coe along side many other Mallcore acts who all sound completely indistinguishable. This is a notable source of revenue for the BBC as many listeners text in begging both disc jockey's to cut the track and put something even more predictable on, such as Ke$ha, Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

Fans worthy of note include or have included Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Che Guevara, Georgie Girt, Fidel Castro, Stephen Fry, Kurt Cobain, Educaton Secretary Conservative MP for Surrey Heath Michael Gove, Seung-Hui Cho, Georgie Girt and Stephen Fry.

edit Tours

Tour name Participating bands Location Participating from - to
Gorillaz Gorillaz, The Eyes Of A Traitor United Kingdom Leicester, United Kingdom 10th March - 24th March 2009
The Char-char The Char-Char, iwrestledabeeronce, The Eyes Of A Traitor European Union Nottingham, Europe 9th April - 8th May 2010
Nofest 2010 Monster No-Energy Stage, The Eyes Of A Traitor United Kingdom Hemel Hempstead, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cumbria & Leeds, Earth 26th - 27th of June 2011

edit Members

Current Members
  • Jack Delay - Vocals (2006–present)
  • Stephen Shitworth - Guitar (2006–present)
  • Matthew Pug - Guitar (2008–present)
  • Jack Moulde - Bass (2010–present)
  • Sam Brenn-Naan-Bread - Drums (2006–present)
Former Members
  • Paul Warbler - Bass (2007–2010)
  • David Cretin - Guitar (2006–2008)
  • Georgie Girt - Knob Shiner (2005-2011)
  • Ian Posh Kid Cubbon - Bass (2006–2007)

edit Discography

Studio albums
  • An Unclear Perception (2009)
  • Pulseless (2010)
Extended plays
  • By Moonset (2008)
  • Lifeless
  • Nothing To Offer (indeed) (2009)
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