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THIS ARTICLE ASPLODE. (and could use some [{{loc

Wikipedia has asploded. Therefore, there is no Wikipedia article on Asplode.

Asplode is the process of explosion that can be described as “ka-blooey” (and often "ka-gooey"). Most asplosions do not explosives or fire, but merely an imbalance of unusually strong outward force. Asplosions are naturally rare and beautiful events, much like the event horizon of a black hole, but less boring.


The discovery of asplosions dates back to the la could not determine why this happened due to the lack of interest and funding.

While explodogists worked further into researching the cause of asplosions, scientists researched into historical accounts of asplode. The earliest record of a \sploding dates back to the Triassic period. There was a hypothesis that, in addition to the possible asteroid and Al Gore spewing hot air, asplode played a role in the extinction of many species. Many animals may have suffered spontaneous asplosions (See spontaneus asplosions below).eaked his own Deadly Splosion theory into his play, Our Town:

"Y'know what I think, George? I think the moon's getting nearer and nearer, and there's gonna be a big asplosion!"

Recent studies show that this would cause the whole planet to a splode, making an a splosion that would a splode everything that can possibly be a sploded ever.

or glass of water on the table. As they did this, the food or glass of water seemed to miraculously a splode! The scientific community was astonished that they may have discovered the cause of a splode. However, when thorough research was performed, a conspiracy was uncovered, involving ducks, a Great White Shark and Nazi Dolphins who were plotting to take over the whilarity to destabilize and a splode the world.

Another recent exploration of a splosionating is credited to Deidara ic equipment and resources (such as the computer and Uncyclopedia). It is NOT, and I mean, NOT to be confused with "GO BANG!!" which simply explodes in a non-ka-blooey but equally childish way. E.G.: "Oscar Wilde GO BANG!!" penis


  • A sploded -already gone ka-blooey
  • A sploding -in the process of going ka-blooey
  • A splosion -something that goes ka-blooey, esp. in a spontaneous and messy fashion

Ex.: Little Jimmy was so excited, he a sploded all over himself.="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

How a splode works

A sploding, not to be confused with ass-ploding (See Fart), is the procthose crumbs that are left at the end. Mmmm, crumbs...) This causes the Asps to a selerate in every direction known to humans (and seven others known only to ostriches) in the search for Cheetos of the right size. urred to someone who has a sploded.]]

However, due to the incredibly strong attraction betwa fraction of a second as the Asps get bored due to their incredibly short attention span and forget why they weren't chillin' at their crib.

Spontaneous a splosions


SEHS: A sploding head

“Yeah, that can happen.”
~ Captain Denial on spontaneous a splosions
“Spontaneous a splosions are spontaneous.”
~ Captain Obvious on spontaneous a splosions
is still much to discover, several theoretical explanations have been created.

Go ahead a splode

SASHS (Sudden A Sploded Head Syndrome), also known in the pseudo-scientific community as Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis, or HCE, is a condition believed to be caused by overloading the brain with the body's own electricity through [[image:Asplosionwarn.gif|right|thumb|WARNING! A Splosion I

The a splosion of 2091


A splode you a go

Spontaneous a splosions that occur to humans and a few animals result in a split-second severe mental insanity. When people are repeatedly stressed or their mood abruusing intestinal gases to ignite, watching YouTube Poops regularly, or by looking directly at the operational end of The Device.

This disorder is the result of the genetic make [edit] Spontaneous a splosions

There is no cure, but there are treatment [[Admin Smackdowns|op


Fruit a splosion can be attained by applying any Nazi to any fruit. The Nazi's psycho anti-Jews waves overpower the flavor of fruit and thus, an a splosion is attain

A splosions in technology

You can make computers is a lie" (If it's a lie, it must be true. But it can't be true, because it's a lie and then BOOM). *Running two programs on a Mac at the same time. *Putting the device underwater. *Putting the device in exassination

on the device.
  • Typing "Google" into Go
  • Searching [[Chuck Norris]ner of ways.

===Fruit A splosions can occur in some fruits without any reason. Cases of a splode in fruits include Fruitopiaa and the mysterious fruit-a-splode-in-your-face-when-you-eat-it affliction. In Fruitopia, fruits a splode into a delicious drink. Fruit-a-splode-in-your-face-when-you-eat-it usually occurs when someonew, when fruit is sitting down and gets bored it decides to prank call pizza hut and asks for a whopper, unfortunately there is no whopper so it starts to argue and asks for the manager, but the manager left early to go on a date with his new girlfriend, so the fruit has diarrhea because he's lactose intolethe famous instance of Adolf Hitler attempting to eat a sploding watermelon at a demonstration at Bergen-Belsen. Shortly thereafter, he turned to his unidentified female companion and roared "Damn, this is just like last night!"

A [[Sweden|fruitcock

===Terrorist a splo The everyday terrorits not get you laid, go USA!

Kidney a splosions

Most commonly found in people who have been doing the Atkins diet for several years. The weakened kidneys reach a critical state where they a splode abruptly. It's not uncommon to hear a low-carber utter the words "my kidneys a splode!" Despite their a sploded kidneys, they do not die and continue ambling about as lively as ever, much to the frustration of medical experts.

by professional Chucktologists (see Chuck Norris), if Chuck Norris glares at you, your kidneys will start to melt. If he stares at your for five seconds, your kidneys a spda (because Canadians are only good for their bacon).

===Kitten a splosion===ate time to huff kittensate]] and a five fourths vote in the House. After the congressional requirements are satisfied the kitten's mother must approve the request and you must then give the mother five three packs of tennis balls, three gallons of milk, five hand caught dead mouses, 42 pounds of cheese,Five golden rings, Four calling birds, Three French hens, Two turtle doves, a partridge in a pear tree, three of your eye lashes from both eyes, and your first born ch

Nuclear a splosion

A nuclear a splosion is caused when your head a sp

A splosion Reactor

A new study has shown that scientist are now able toourse if you believe that you must be a Wikipedia admin or something, because A sploding is the best thing that can possibly happen. ] [[Image:Card-Asplode.jpg|thumb|A splode in Christmas patra}}

“01011001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101000 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01000001 00100000 01010011 01010000 01001100 01001111 01000100 01000101. ”

A splode is often used in the media as a mo

Use By Noobs

N00bs use the term a splode as a form of 133r!

N00b: Oh teh noes!!! I am asplode!!11!eleventyone!!

A splode simulation

It is possible to replic

A common example that is losion. Students simply fill the water balloon with water and the a sploding device is made. To [[The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything|activ with a high speed camera.

A splode: the command prompt


An example of a Shoop-da-Woop-induced a splosion

The Shoop da Woop, along with several other comical offensive mechanisms, has been identified as the cause of numerous a splosions, both on the part of the shoop da woop-er, and the shoop da woop-ee. The lazah produced by a shoop da woop attack is often described as a combination of Chuck Norris ill render the resultant lazah's target helpless to a spontaneous and irreversible a splosion. However, when done incorrectly, a shoop da woop may not only a splode the shoop da woop-er, but every alpaca within a five mile radius of the initial a splosion, and you wouldn't want to do that to a

Shooping da Woop should be done


An advanced level 82 a splosion, previously mistakenly classified as a level 81.


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