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The Day of A Thousand Tears took place over one week ago.

After the illicit hacker HandsomeMatt was taken over and arrested by the FBI the CIA took him. Even though he may have been miscaptured, they could find no trace of evidence for an apparent bank heist. They threatened him with his life.


They then proceded to brainwash him for one entire week solid.

They held him for over 30 days in captivity, one month. And having no experience in the real world, he was set free, with no charges and to the street he went. He was in the most fear of his life after spending that one month in captivity, and he didnt have no food... no nothin. After realizing how elite he had been, and by having no trace of anything in his space they had exactly no evidence on in. So what was he to think? No one really knows how he flipped out but as soon as he was set free he went right back to looking for what he normally had been collecting; rare scripts, and cracks. So now, being without anything and being on the hunt for more pirated warez he started asking around the street for crackz. It was directly after he saw a kid flip out and fly through a window that he found a girl who offered him a ride. She piggybacked him all the way over to someones truck who he implicitly thought had leet warez. This is where he found out what crackz were irl. He was giving a rare multicolored bag. He thought even tough this is not software, it must be the key to finding cracks - something like a torrent site. So he ate one little bag full of the irl form of crackz. And this is how he found the stairway to heaven and never did get through to it.

Used up? crackz get you caught by the FBI. Crack sends you directly to heavan, not one step back.

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