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And, it is not my protocol, jay. It is the common protocol discovered by Sivashanmugam, to get madness and knowledge

Common Protocol is the protocol followed by common people to get madness. People who confine themselves to few things shall lack knowledge on all the other things. Common protocol is not applicable to all. It is has full of exceptions. Scientists Universally applicable special protocols every night. Those universally applicable special protocols must be followed with out missing any step. The special protocols will make people more versatile.

edit The Common Protocol to Eat


The Most Efficient way of eating

The way people eat by hands and mouth is not an efficient one. Dr. Milkyard Fattman and his team is seamlessly working to device a new special protocol of eating without mouth and tongue. While eating, the hands, mouth, teeth and tongue waste a considerable amount of energy. The team suggested a new way of injecting food directly into stomach so that maximum energy utilization can be achieved.

edit The Common Protocol to Sleep


effective protocol for sleeping

Recent Researches reveal that the way common man sleeps is not efficient. A protocol for more efficient way of sleeping has been suggested which is called as brain sleep. It innovately involves the removal of our brain which disturb our sleep with doggy dreams.

edit The Common Protocol to Hug


The Special of way of hug

The common way of hugging each other is useless. Specialists have discovered a set of new molecules. When they are applied to your skin, it will selectively attract your dream shot towards you and you can use that huggants everywhere at anytime. Particularly, it is more moreueful to emotionaly dead people to hug each other.

edit The Common Protocol to love

Common men and women are not good in the art of making love. They are not good in that art because they use a flawed common protocol of making love. Dr. Fucmore and her team came up with a new protocol of making love. It is a highly efficient protcol. It is a patented protocol. The secret behind special fucmore protocol will be revealed only if you pay some bugs.

edit The Common Protocol to screw

Common men and women use their stick and holes to screw. But, it is not a good way of screwing. Dr. Screwmore had came up with a special protocol without the stick and hole. I too tried a little with it by watching those movies in internet. But, I find that it is faster for fats.

edit The Common Protocol to speak

The common protocol to speak is a good one. Dr. speakmore cummup with a new protocol where by we can speak without using our minds, our brain, our mouth and tong. It is good idea to special speech protocol. It has got so many good features.

edit The Common Protocol to communicate

The common man protocol is the worst protocol to be followed in our communications. New protocols of communcation has been developed where by no one can disturb your communications. Only one can talk with the entire world.

edit The Common Protocol to Get knowledge

Common men and women do not follow a proper to protocol to know each other. So, Dr. funcore had cameup with a special protocol to teach and learn. Dr. Funcore had edited a special book for uncyclopedians to enjoy it File:CommonProtocol.pdf. In the world, the common protocol will reduce confusion.

edit The Special Protocol

People are working hard to find some special protocol to get knowledge on everyone and everything. Is there a way to get special madness? People are wondering. No sane man would write a common protocol like this. People who read the common protocol won't get any knowledge. In this god damned world, I have nothing in common with god and devil.

edit Commonophobia


And, it is the response to the commonophobics

Failure to see the commonness is a sign of intellectual impairment. Commonophobia is a medical condition in which an individual develops aversion to see the commonness among the diverse array of people and things around.

edit Commonophobics

Commonophobics are the major troubles in the major modern world. They understand nothing.

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