The Colours of Stop Signs

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The Colours of stop signs is a topic mentioned by few. This subject isn't meant to be taken lightly and doing so can cause severe harm to your loved ones. A perfect way to mitigate this more than possibly certain occurrence is to not not take the information provided below as a joke, stunt, act, hoax, gag, caper, lark or a piece of cheese. It should be noted that this compilation of information should not be confused with the Stop sign article. This information was derived from a dark, dingy bunker under Gesterman's hidden yet public mansion of Sega propaganda.

edit Blue Stop Signs

The state legislature was appalled by the outrageous numbers of vehicles not stopping at stop sings. Owners of the vehicle were questioned to as why their vehicle were driving around streets disregarding the obviously posted signs indicating for one to stop. The owners were embarrassed and didn't know what to do. The federal government stepped in and ordered for negligent vehicle owners to have their vehicles taken by AAMCO and put in adoptive care. Many vehicle under the age of 70,000 miles were oblivious to the happenings around them but the older tykes were severely effected.

President Obama wanted to prevent this issue from ever happening again and decided that red stop signs were so obvious that it made them unobvious. He sat with all of his pawns military leaders and discussed a plan for 30 seconds. After one commander farting and others never showing up he decided to incorporate blue stop signs.

Bleu stop signs would serve the same purpose as the red ones but only Republican would have to stop. Democrats were exempt from ever stopping at a blue stop sign. Not only did 25% of the population approve of this but tables in furniture stores worldwide performed oral surgery, a feat only seen by the likes of Dr. Jonathan Zizmor, Al Bundy and Lassie. Blue signs were mass produced on February 30th 2013 and put into corners worldwide on February 30th of 2014.


I'm so sad...all these emo losers whining to me...why do I have to be a part of Obama's plan?..why? *sniff* I WISH I WAS RED!!! STAB ME...STAB ME IN THE FACE!!!

edit Cryptozoology

The blue stop sign is part of an unknown family, species and life force. It isn't the evolutionary link to Darwin's theory and should be confused with Bugs Bunny, a delicatessenized saxophone misogynist. Blue stop sings are always sad because people tend to talk to them about problems that have no solution. The stop signs then absorb the negativity until they are blue in the face and remain blue until they receive manual release or sexual release, whichever cums comes first.

edit K-Mart

Blue stops sings gathered and tried to overcome their sorrow by trying to work at K-Mart. They heard that K-Mart likes blue things such as lights and such and felt that working there sounded promising. They all went and didn't even need to fill out applications or get an interview. The manager loved the blue signs and offered them work immediately with 7 months salary in advance. The blue damn signs were happy until the boss realized that they had white letters. This is how the conversation unfolded:

(K-mart boss) "Well guys you are all overqualified and I am happy to say that you can work immediately!"

(Blue Signs) "Wow...Thanks!" High-fives all around"

"There is just one thing...those disturbing white letters...they have to go"

"I'm sorry...we thought you said you wanted our white *chuckles* letters gone..."

"I did...we aren't the light blue special advocates...or the baby blue special guys.."

"Are you serious? We can't remove the white letters..that's freaking absurd. That's crazy..your joking right?

"I am afraid that I am not joking...and if you don't comply we will have to remove you from the premises."

"Ok....ha ha, where's the candid camera? What is this punk'd? Is that Ashton Kutcher over there?"

"No...that's my mother and I'm counting to 5."

"Counting to 5? We're not some little kids who don't want to go to bed. Your a freaking joke you know that. Equal opportunity my ass..."


"You know what fat-ass?..we're not leaving you screwball. You get us all hyped like a banana peeling, bikini wearing, Asian boy...just to tell us...nope not going to finish what I started."


" WE will kill you. I swear to every street corner I have stood know how hard it is to stand on street corners just to be ignored, pissed on and not loved? It's hard standing on those corners..*sniff* Your mom would know what its like...wouldn't she?


"Oh my god...we are gonna put a damn car bomb under your house and blow it up as your in the crapper...and laugh. Then were gonna post ourselves on your grave so that people will stop and never ever ever move."


"Please...give us another chance..please..I'll give you a "special" job" will?

Bstopsign Suicide

Blue sign mary seen here trying to rid herself of this evil world. She failed to notice that she will fit under any train that passes.

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