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The Blaques are a critical organization in the classrooms of New South Wales, spearheaded by formidable leader, Shadman Ali. Their sudden rise to fame is probably a result of their connections with the Sangye movement, The Tribe, and the Freaky Shit Crew.

Shadman Ali is also known commonly as Blaque, Shaddenz, Denzel or simply: The Blaque. He is known to be powerful allies with Dylan Streetharan , leader of The Tribe also known as The Sahoo, and Michael Ambrose and Alex Koerber, co-leaders of the Sangye movement.

edit The Blaques : Structure and Associates

Leader :Dr. Shadman Ali

Third Blaque : Abhinayan Kugendran( second son of Mr Varughese, off his Thai Buddhist Monk of a concubine)

Sahoo: Dylan Sreetharan (Also Tribe Leader)

Offical Blaque Mascot : Anosh Sivasunmugaraja

Security Comissioner : Mr. Mohit TUG-ON-MY-PYTHON


Co-Leaders : Alex Koerber , Michael Ambrose

Thinks He's A Part Of It : the Leo Gordon (also a filthy Munja )

Jimari : Jimari (Bench Veteran)

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edit The Freaky Shit Crew

Blaque Productions, the movie-making wing of The Blaques, have recently teamed up with the Freaky Shit Crew along with the Sangye Movement, to create the very successful Freaky Shit series of short films. With the likes of George Denny-Smith behind the camera, blonde-stunner Gareth Deacon in front of it, and Michael Ambrose directing behind the scenes, the series has set a new benchmark in the industry. The Docksin and Norman have both rated it number 1 on their respective charts.

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