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The Bill Clinton Show was a thankfully short-lived animated television series created by Bill Clinton that ran on the Fox Network. The show focused on Clinton's time as president of The Cat Burglary Club Of America during the 1990's. They aired 97 episodes, and was rated TV-PG in the United States. It was produced by "Cheap, Crappy Animation That Rivals Clutch Cargo Incorporated", and distributed by "We Don't Know How Bad Our Stuff Is, But We Get Paid So That's Fine Productions".

edit Production

In 1998, Bill Clinton wanted to do an animated series when he first used Paint and Windows Movie Maker and thought that it was easy to do so a show. So, he decided to pitch it to The Fox Network. When Clinton pitched "The Bill Clinton Show", Fox executives ordered a pilot right away, thinking he was actually going to make a decent show. He got 10 autistic children as a test audience for the pilot of the show (that he made in about 5 minutes), and not knowing any better, loved the show. Due to these results, network executives did not even bother having a look at the pilot and picked up the show, something they would later regret, until someone even stupider came into power.

Da faux president at de teim

The head of "The World Canadian Bureau" (center) was the president of Fox at this time. This person not only starved countless Canadians in a stupid strike, but also picked up Family Guy and this monstrosity.

edit Ratings and Reception

It was a ratings smash with it's premiere on the network on May 15, 1998, due to it's commercial being very flashy and eye catching, unlike the show. However, there was poor reception from viewers and critics (since they were tricked by the previously mentioned commercial), so Fox realized that maybe lying to it's audience was not a great idea, so they thought about cancelling the show, but due to "The Autistic Riots of '98", which consisted of the target audience going into Fox headquarters and taking it over,throwing giant temper tantrums, they still kept it on the air against their will (to live). 97 episodes were aired until they cancelled it, because once a good portion of the target audience turned 13, and started to hate it because... puberty?

edit The Characters

Bill: The real life Bill Clinton only he's animated. Poorly.

Bill Clinturn

The main character planning to steal some cats..

Hillary: A piece of chicken.

Hillary clinturn

The wonderful wife..

Daughter Girl Person: Bill and Hillary's daughter. She's a human leg stuck to a piece of chicken. Ew.

Daughter person girl

She looks just like her mother..

Vice President Dr. Evil: One of Bill's many co-operatives, he is constantly distracted by his arch nemesis Mike Myers.

Drevil million dollars

Dr. Evil during a Cat Burglary meeting, circa 1998.

Bobby Wobbly: Hey kids, do you like bubbles? Well, howdy, I'm Bobby Wobbly, and I'm directly stolen from "The Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure!" Just suck this stick and you will soon feel something warm and sticky, bubbles, go into your mou- And that was a very disturbing public service announcement about why you should stay away from Bobby Wobbly.

Bobby Wobbly god help us all.

Seriously, stay away from this cowboy..

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