The Beatles: Tragical Mystery Tour

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The Beatles: Tragical Mystery Tour
Album by The Beatles
Released Date March 14, 1967
Recorded January 5 - 19, 1967
Genre Psychedelia
Length 90:67
Record label Parlophone
Producers George Martin
Phil Spector
Professional reviews
Oscar Wilde review 4/5 - "Near tragic perfection!"
The Rolling Stones review 1/5 - "After the touring bus sank into the mud, I tuned out; it was all too horrible to really witness."
American Union of Bus Drivers review 0/5 - "The Beatles demonstrated a blatant disregard towards real bus safety. They should be banned from America!"
Oxfud Engrish Dicktionari review 0/5 - "technically the plural of 'walrus' is actually 'WALRII' and its pronouciated 'boob tube' not goog goob."
Beatle Albums
Sgt. Lt. Pepper's Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana
Tragical Mystery Tour
Ringo Needs Some Money
“The Walrus was me!”
~ Paul McCartney on Tragical Mystery Tour

The Beatles: Tragical Mystery Tour was The Beatles followup to Sgt. Lt. Pepper's Only Lonely Hearts Club Bandana, and it turned out to be a soundtrack to a Saturday morning film starring the Beatles and a tour bus running around the English countryside dressed in various assorted chicken costumes bringing a new sort of seriousness and dignity to their art, and touching on many of the philosophical questions that have plagued modern man for centuries. It was going to be named magical mystery tour but the bus crashed into them.

edit Production

The Beatles now turned their attention to various plays and tragedies, (and eating tons of spaghetti with shovels) where ever they ended up. Of course, the horrid loss of Paul automatically makes the movie a tragedy, and one often wonders why, over the course of 90 minutes, this epic disaster was ever committed to film. Rated G. (Ages 2 and under)

Tragical mystery tour

The Mystery Tour gets a little more tragic.

The mystery to this day is exactly who was the black "waitress."

edit Update

In the song "Glass Bunyon", from the Beatles self-titled double album, John Lennon sings:

"Here's a clue for you all,
The waitress was Paul"

We're still very uncertain what this means, seeing as Paul was white and the waitress was black, but, who knows? It may just be the inscrutable ramblings of a long-dead drug poet.

Then, again...

edit Tracklisting

edit Side 1

  1. Tragical Mystery Tour - 3:12
  2. The Mule on the Pill - 2:02
  3. The Shit and the Pendulum - 2:34
  4. Dying - 3:32
  5. Canary Crossing - 1:58
  6. Your Mother's A Hoe- 2:08
  7. I Am The Whore - 9:09
  8. Go To The Other Side (And Suffer) - 0:96

edit Side 2

  1. Hello Piss Off - 3:44
  2. Elderberry Fields Forever - 3:16
  3. Quarter Avenue - 3:12
  4. Maybe You're A Bitch - 2:08
  5. All You Need Is More Drugs - 2:08
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