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The B52s en Barcelona 7

The B-52s at Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Spain in 2008, roaming around they world as they want to.

The B-52s are a New Wave rock band formed in Athens, Georgia. They are known for their zany style of humor and hard-hitting themes of lobsters, lovin' and shackin' up, and roaming around the world (if you desire to). Their classic lineup consisted of Fred Schneider (vocals, campiness), Kate Pierson (vocals, screeching), Cindy Wilson (vocals, more screeching), Keith Strickland (go-go drumbeat), and Ricky Wilson (twangy guitar). After Ricky Wilson died of AIDS in 1985, Strickland moved out from behind the drumkit and switched over to guitar, managing to replicate Ricky's whacked-out surf-style tuning.

Formed in 1976 after a wild party where they shared a Flaming volcano, The B-52s took their name from the size of a bra, and their music became well-known for being the Roxy Music you could actually listen to. A part of the "new wave" of rock music in the late 1970s, they would conquer the world with their silly, over-the-top campy music. They had many rivals including Blondie, but the B-52s also had a blond singer, and Devo, but the B-52s would also wear funny outfits and have a surreal world view. The B-52s took their main inspiration from 1960s popular music, as the band members were stuck in the past and didn't really wanted to enter the 1980s, as it was filled with robots, self-important, pretentious romantics and working class heroes.

Despite their music being out of place and time, The B-52s sold a lot of records and became a dance floor cliché for years to come. We all know the lyrics to their biggest hit: The love shack is a little-oh place where we can turn off the music.

edit History

De Vermont-Largilliere

Lead singer Kate Pierson were well-known for her big hair.

edit 1976-78: Early years

edit 1979-80: Punkish years

edit 1981-88: Synth years, death of Ricky, hiatus

edit 1989-92: Commercial breakthrough

edit 1993-2007: As a touring nostalgia act

edit 2008-present: Funplex and continued touring

edit Musical style

edit Impact and legacy

edit Members

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