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The Ancient Parchments5.1 Skyrim

The Ancient Parchments 5.1: Skyrim is an open-continent FPS developed by Treyarch and published by Infinity Ward. It is an upgrade to the fifth installment of the Ancient Parchments series, following the Ancient Parchments 4.1 Oblivious. Skyrim was released worldwide in Sun's Dusk on the 11th because all powerful Godd Howard said thusly.

It was released for Windows Vista, Pay Station 3, and Xbox 2π. Three DLC addons were released-Duskguard, Candlefire, and Dovahkiin- which were repackaged into The Ancient Parchments 5.2: Sweetroll Edition, which was released in Midyear. The Ancient Parchments 5.3: Skyrim Skooma Edition, a pirated version, will be released for Xbox Won and Pay Station 4 in Frostfall of this year. It will arrive with full pirate support, all three DLC expansions, and a complete graphical downgrade.

Skyrim's main story revolves around the Player Character (PC) and their effort to shout at Alduin the Sweetroll Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to consume the world's sweetrolls. The game is set 200 years after the events of Oblivious, and takes place in the province of Atmora. Over the short course if the game, the player completes fetch quests and evolves the character by drinking skooma.Skyrim continues the FPS nature of previous games by allowing the PC to shoot at ghouls and protectrons with a bow and arrow.

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The game was developed using the Blender Game Engine V6.2. The team opted for a more unique and racially diverse world than Oblivious' CerialDill, which all powerful Godd Howard considered dumbed down in comparison. Skyrim was released to minimal Rotten Tomatoes on IMDB, with critics particularly mentioning Nazeem and Braith as outstanding characters.

edit Gameplay

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Common Nord saying

The Ancient Parchments 5.1 Skyrim is an action FPS, playable from a first, second, or even third person. The PC may err over the land of Atmora, which is fairly small. There are a few trees, some caves, a house, and even huge cities like Riverwood. The player may walk around either by walking around or riding a horse (also known as Newton's Worst Nightmare) or by Gotta Go Fast travel, where Sonic the Hedgehog ferries you to various locations. The game's main quest can be either completed or ignored at the PC's expense after the last main quest is completed. However some quests require that the main quest is glitched. Non playable characters, or NPCs populate the world and can be interacted with. They can sing, dance, pretend, and Kazoo. As in previous Ancient Parchments games, killing certain NPCs make the game unplayable. Some NPCs can not be killed, else the thread if prophecy is severed. If witnessed, crimes like theft and Nazeem, entice the guards to certain knowledge. Should the player be stopped by a guard, the guard will want to know you more and maybe even kill you. If you resist arrest, you have the option to aim for the knees. Some NPCs who are hired or enfriendified, may act as followers who will stalk you and stand in doorways for you. Some even get in the way of your attacks. The player may choose to join factions , which are extremist terrorist groups. Such factions include the University of Atmora (UofA), a school of magic, the Illuminati, and the Light Sisterhood. Each faction provides an associated quest to ignore.

Players have the option to develop their PC. At the end of the game, players create a character by selecting one of several races, including humans, cats, lizards, and spiders, and then customizing the character. Over the short course of the game, the player hones his characters skills, which consist of numerical representations of certain skills. There are 18 skills equally divided amongst Noscoping, Magic Cards, and Anime Knowledge. When players have honed their skills enough to meet the required skooma amount, the player levels up. Each time the character levels, the player must input a perk into a hist. The hist will grow with each Vile of skooma it has, and will grow even more with Sleeping tree sap. The player is also provided with a HUD displaying three attributes: Health, Skooma and Fatigue. Health is depleted mainly by angry fanboi who seemingly hate the game. Skooma must be maintained daily, else your health will deplete. Fatigue defines how much skooma you can drink.

The player's effectiveness in combat relies on the use of weapons and armor, which may be stolen, pirated, or forged. Magic can be upgraded by finding internet memes and skooma. Weapons and Magic are assigned to each hand, allowing for duel-wielding, and can be switched for all if your least favorite items. Items like the bound bow can be used for noscoping, while items like the iron sword can be used for hacking. When exploring the wilderness, the player may stumble over wildlife. Many creatures want your skooma, so the player must be wary. However other more peaceful animals, like the elk and fox, can be shouted off cliffs or into walls. The player may also encounter dragons in the wilderness. Most dragons can be encountered at the University, however some lurk about the rest of Atmora. The PC can also absorb the sweetrolls of the dragons after they are dead to utilize yells. The sweetrolls can then be made into sweetroll armor or can be spent on powerful yells. Each yell contains three words in Dovazul and the strength of the yell will depend on the amount of words yelled. Words can be learned from Dragon Vocabulary books scattered at the ends of dungeons across Atmora.

edit Plot

Skyrim is set 200 years after the events of Oblivious, and is not a direct sequel. The game takes place in Atmora, a sunny and pleasant province just below CerialDill amidst a civil war between two factions: the Empire, led by Commander Tigh and Darth Sideous, and the Rebellion led by Ulfric Stormcoak and Admiral Akbar. The Rebellion's goal is independence from the Empire and peace for the galaxy. Darth Sideous and Tigh want to rule the galaxy as father and son.

The main story begins with the PC as a prisoner from cell block 1138. He is being led to his execution by the Empire, alongside a smuggler, various rebels, and their leader:Admiral Akbar, who murdered the high King with a trap. Alduin the magical dragon appears out of nowhere pillaging the city untill it is completely ravaged. The player then journeys to Riverwood, and talks to Jarl Sven about their impending doom. Jarl Sven had no time for this, so Dovahkiin was redirected to Balgruuf in Whiterun. He has no time either, so the player then must do a series of fetch quests for Mr. Wizard man. After Mr. Wizard man is satisfied, a dragon attacks and the character discovers the Yell. He is then summed by the White beards to High Mothball to learn the way of the Yell.

The Whitebeards then send the player on more fetch quests, where Dovahkiin then meets Dolphin of the Blades who also presents fetch quests to the player. After the player does all of the fetch quests, he learns Dragonbend: a shout that can kill a dragon instantly. He then dies and goes to heaven and kills Alduin the Sweetroll eater, who was easier to kill than he had thought. He then comes back to life and becomes an adventurer.

edit Development

Having finished work on Oblivious in the Third Era, Treyarch began work on FarOut 3. They multitasked working on the next Ancient Parchments game. They decided to put it in Atmora and add dragons (because whats a fantasy game without dragons?). Full development began after the release of FarOut 3. The game was developed by roughly one person : all powerful Godd Howard.

All powerful Godd Howard

The all. Powerful Godd Howard master of Tamriel lord of Skyrim

edit Design

The team set the world in the sunny province of Atmora, designing it all by foot. While similar to Oblivious' game world of CerialDill, Atmora is much more pleasant and sunny. In designing Skyrim, the team desired a different approach. Art director All powerful Godd Howard considered the epic realism of Skyrim's world design as a departure from Oblivious' focus on Antarctic lore. All powerful Godd Howard expressed the teams desire to capture the world of discovery of Tomorrowind in in the game world of Skyrim.

The team wanted to make the eleven races feel unique. All powerful Godd Howard expressed the importance of race selection, as it added flavor to the chicken. Efforts to make Skyrim feel foot-crafted extended to the team abandoning the use of Minecraft landscapes as they had done in Oblivious. While 420 team members were in charge of Oblivious' dungeons, one was assigned to Dungeon Duty in Skyrim.

edit Engine

Skyrim is powered by the amazing Blender Game Engine (or BGE for short). After FarOut 3's release, Skyrim was half-heartedly focused on. Had the team not been able to work with the current gen hardware, they had to wait for next gen consoles. But all powerful Godd Howard felt that current gen ware was sufficient. The BGE allowed for numerous advantages to the old engine, like rendering and Strobe lighting. This allowed the sun and lanterns to cast shadows. The trees were also upgraded by the new engine. They had leaves and bark, and were 8 bit quality.

The team made use of Havok's behavior toolset for characters. This allowed NPCs to talk while eating bread, which made the fans incredibly happy. They also incorporated Radiant AI, which grants access to Skynet. Consumers weren't happy with this however, because they were killed by Terminators. Some found this bug acceptable though.

edit Audio

The team employed all powerful Godd Howard, who previously worked on Tomorrowind and Oblivious, to compose Skyrim's music. Forsworn, the main theme, was recorded with a choir of over one person. Creative director all powerful Godd Howard envisioned the theme for Skyrim being sung by himself as a barbarian. This became a reality when it was presented to all powerful Godd Howard by all powerful Godd Howard. He recorded a one man choir, which was layered over one separate recording to create the effect of one man. The language was created by the lead concept artist all powerful Godd Howard. The dragon language was expanded by adding words to it.

A spiritual-only release consisting of four audio tapes was released alongside the game in the 11th of Sun's Dusk. As with the previous series, the soundtrack was sold via all powerful Godd Howard's distributor All spiritual copies ordered via were personally scribbled on by all powerful Godd Howard. Day zero orders from eBay also included a five track inspirational Skyrim sampler (batteries not included).

edit Marketing

Skyrim was first announced at the Tamriel Convention Center in Tamriel on the 11th of Evening Star. The center was the host of the annual Cheeseburger awards; all powerful Godd Howard teleported onstage and hurled words at the audience. The trailer announced the story and release date: 11th of Evening Star 2E11. It was the cover of the Sun's Dawn issue of People magazine, when journalist Nazeem wrote a 420 word article about himself. Outraged, the mob asked for DLCs. All powerful Godd Howard responded by saying," I'll get to it after I eat my chicken." Via courier, the team unveiled that the first two DLCs would be released on Xbox 2π on Xbox Dead a month ahead of Windows Vista and Pay Station 3. At Earthquake Con the team unveiled Skyrim's Sweetroll Edition. It came with a piece if paper, a sweetroll and free anime.

In Frostfall pictures of the piece of paper were leaked, and all powerful Godd Howard was outraged. He rained fire from the heavens and cast ash over the world. By Sun's Dusk Egypt was burnt to a crisp. Once the Xbox 2π version was released, all powerful Godd Howard released the world from fire and made peace. A compilation package called The Ancient Parchments 5.2: Sweetroll Edition was released on the 4th of Midyear. It contains the ¥ patch and the three DLCs along with the main game. On the 4th of Midyear Treyarch will announce The Ancient Parchments 5.3: Skooma Edition, a remaster for Xbox Won, Pay Station 4 and Windows XP. Windows XP players who own the original content will get the Skooma Edition for 420 gold.

edit Additional Content

A small variety of official and fan-created mods are available for Skyrim, generally made by the oficial Bob the Builder Set. These files may be pirated on sites like The Nexum, YouTube M8, and Internet Explorer. The mods include features like 8-bit graphics, old lighting systems, and garbage. The first official Skyrim Mod was Ledgend of Zelda Twilight Warewolf created by the Portal 2 dudes.

Duskguard, the first DLC, revolves around a battle between the Duskguard and clan Battle Born. The Duskguard, a band of Bunny hunters, use Dwemer muskets to pursue the vile rabbits of Atmora. It adds various weapons and armor to the game, such as rabbit armor, curved swords, and Forsworn hats. It also adds a new land, the Soul Barn, where lost souls are doomed to eat hay for eternity. Jiub, one of the lost souls, is from Oblivious.

Candlefire, Skyrim's second addon, allows the player to burn down houses and abduct children. Players can abduct up to 2 children so long as they have the dungeon addon to their house. Candlefire released on Xbox 2π on the 4th of Hearthfire, for Windows Vista in Frostfall, and Pay Station 3 in Sun's Dawn.

Dovahkiin is the third DLC for Skyrim. It focuses on the players efforts to defeat Malak, a dark lord who has harnessed the power of an ancient power. Dovahkiin was released for Xbox 2π in Evening Star, on Windows Vista in Sun's Dawn, and for Pay Station 3 also in Sun's Dawn.

edit Reception

Skyrim received critical magnification upon release. The removal of criminal scum was well received. Billy Mays of Clorox's Inside Gaming and Charles Xavier from IGN praised it's removal because it allowed players to have clean things to wear without the hassle. Nearly every aspect of the game was praised by famous critics like Joeysworldtour and Atvelonis.

edit Sales

During the first day of release Steam showed over 8 people playing Skyrim. Within two days of the games launch over 10 spiritual copies were sold. Of these sales, 10% were on Xbox 2π, 5% were for Pay Station 3, and the other 2% were for Windows Vista. One month after release Treyarch had made just over 1£. It was now the fastest selling game on Steam, selling about 1 copy per year.

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